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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yes, I've been a complete fool. An utter idiot. No, I'm not being hard on myself. Our main laptop has died and we've lost everything on the hard drive which is all my work in the last 6 months. And no I never backed anything up or saved anything anywhere else. That's why I'm such a stupid idiot. We've had the laptop checked by an expert and they can put a new harddrive in and bring the laptop back to life but can't do anything about our files.

One of my main problems is my list of sock and lace club members. I don't have a hardcopy and to re-do the current membership list will mean going through months of Paypal orders to find all the details. If you're a current member and happen to be superorganised can you please contact me and tell me your name, address, e-mail and when your membership is due to expire please. It would be a huge help.

The main problem is that the sock club is due end of next week althoughrealistically it'll be sent out first week in March and my Mum is coming tomorrow evening so less time for work over the next 9 days while she is here.

The other things i've lost inlcude a list of all my upcoming design deadines and details of the actual designs. I've managed to retrieve some of that info by going through old e-mails to editors. Very time consuming but I think I've got that sorted now. Also any pattern alterations to old patterns or new patterns are gone. I've been downloading some pdfs from RAvelry so I've got pdfs of a lot of patterns but if I need to do any more alterations to them I need them in some other format that pdf. I've also lost all my KnitVisualiser charts which are time consuming to do. All my pattern photos since last September. Holiday photos from Spain last September are gone. and tons of other stuff.

Because of all these problems i'm very behind wiht replying to e-mails so if you've e-mailed me in the last week and not had a reply please bear with me. I'm trying hard to catch up.
Now to some good news. I've had my first design for Knitting published. The idea was a spring design but it's photographed in the snow. I love the photo. Looks gorgeous in the snow. The yarn is Artesano Inca Mist and the garment is knitted in two pieces. Front and back with semi-batwing sleeves. the lace pattern is easy to memorise.I'm making good progress on the Manos sweater. I'm hoping to finish the back tomorrow and the front is done. Sleeves will be quick as they're short. So hopefully it'll all be done by end of the weekend at the latest.

Pixie was doing brilliantly wiht her Manos sweater until she realised at the beginning of the 2nd sleeve that she didn't have enough yarn to finish. There is no more yarn available right now. So I'm blocking the pieces and double checking my measurements and calculations to make sure i've not made it too big. Then it's decision time. Got to work out some sort of solution. I've got a couple of possible ideas but need to checkmeasurements first.

My Mum will be arriving tomorrow evening. We're all looking forward to seeing her.


sara said...

Hi I am also in the new knitting magazine.
I am not as clever as you so its not a pattern. I have the star letter and won a lovely prize!
It made my day.

Joyce across the Pond said...

Gosh you've really been through the mill...sorry to hear about that. Love the sweater....will try and track down the magazine...not every shop keeps them all.
Hope you get it all sorted out soon. Have fun with Mum...

Piecepatcher said...

Oh Anni, how devastating to lose patterns, lists, photos. It's something we all dread but hope never happens. Hope you manage to get deal with everything easily. If there's anything I can do I would help.
Your lace jumper is brilliant, congrats!
bless you

Cybèle said...

O no Anni, how awful! I think we all become a bit 'lazy' about backing up sometimes - I know I'm nowhere near as disciplined as I should be...
Hope you enjoy your mum's visit - is she coming over from Norway?

Ann said...

That's the problem with computers. I went through that before & now I save everything on a usb. Congratulations on another design being published.

Tracey said...

I'm so sorry about your computer and losing all your files. With the amount of work you do I can imagine the time lost trying to find it all again. You always seem really busy when I come to read.
Hope you sort it soon.
Good luck with the magazines, I love opening one and seeing a pattern or article about you, you are doing so well.

Tama said...

Oh that is terrible!! I had my computer crash several years ago and CERTAINLY learned my lesson. I went out and bought an external hard drive that has 1TB of memory and my pictures and patterns are all saved there. I also have two thumb drives--a 4GB and an 8GB--that I back up all my patterns, notes, letters, etc on. So, between the four locations I am bound to have a copy of everything somewhere!

BTW: Have you had a chance to see the socks I made from your knitted square? I turned out GREAT!!