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Friday, February 19, 2010

From bad to worse...

... but our computer is fixed and up and running again. that does not mean we've got our documents back though. A friend's son may be able to help so the harddrive will be sent off to him to see if anything can be rescued.

In the meantime, things are going from bad to worse here. We went shopping in Plymouth today and came home to find an area of carpet in the lounge/dining room soaking wet. we have ongoing problems wiht the cistern in our toilet filling up too much and have had leaks several times now. Simon is working on it right now but it's unlikely he'll be able to fix it tonight and with my Mum here too the timing could not have been worse.

I've been working on a submission to a North American publication and deadline is today and I need a pdf. I wrote it all up on our old laptop over the last few days. Then realised I should have put it all in one pdf rather than separate ones for each design. So I went on our newer laptop (the one that broke last week) and re-did it. This laptop now has MS Works (we used to have Open Office which I hated). But it turns out works is not compatible with Word. They're both MS products so why don't they work together. Simon may know a solution to this problem but he's busy trying to fix the toilet and probably not interested in my word processing compatability issues. I've got two choices, wait till later and see if Simon can sort it out for me or re-type it on our other lap top for the second time today.

ETA: I may have found a solution. Simon suggested I download Open Office again. So hopefully I'll be able to copy and paste and convert to pdf. That's about the only thing I like about Open Office - being able to easily convert a document to pdf.

I've also got an inbox groaning with e-mails so if you're waiting for a reply from me please be patient. I've had several pattern queries from various tech editors which as I've lost the original patterns is a bit difficult to answer and embarassing to admit I've been an idiot and not saved copies.

We are supposed to be going out for an Indian meal tonight. Restaurant is booked. Let's pray we can get the toilet sorted, go out for a nice, relaxing meal and come home and sort out my Works/Word/PDF issues. Or I can do what my Mum suggested just now, thrown the computer out the window... Perhaps not.

At least one thing is going well. I've nearly finished the new Manos design I'm working on. I'll be finishing the sleeve tonight, only sleeve cap left to do. Pixie has finished one design and most of another. We had a sizing issue so I've got to re-knit the sleeves which I'll start tomorrow. So at least my knitting is not a complete disaster. Next week I'll be starting some summer designs. I've got some gorgeous summery yarns coming through at the moment in lots of gorgeous, bright colours. The first yarn up for knitting is Rowan Lenpur which I loved swatching with and yesterday some Sublime Soya Cotton arrived which looks gorgeous too. That's the best thing about being a designer, you get to try and lots of gorgeous yarns and you get lots of gorgeous yarn parcels in the post. Shame it's not something for me. Most of my magazine samples are a size 10 and most magazines return samples to me eventually. I'd love to be a size 10 and be able to wear all my designs. But I'm far from a size 10 and even if I starved myself I'd never be a size 10. My Mum has tried on a couple of designs though and they fit her perfectly. I'll try to get some photos over the weekend. I think a couple of samples may end up in Norway.

Have a great weekend. I'll try to relax and enjoy family stuff and forget about computer and toilet problems.

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