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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let's Knit & Inside Crochet

It's all happening this month. The new issues of Let's Knit and Inside Crochet have landed on my door mat in the last few days.
I've got two patterns in Let's Knit this month. The first one is Erin, a top down circular yoke cardigan which starts with a cable band worked first then stitches are picked up. The best thing about this kind of construction is that you can try it on as you go and tailor it to fit you. The pattern comes sizes from 10 - 26. The model sample is size 14.
I'm very pleased with the modelled shots in the mag.
A close up of the cable band:
I got VAnessa to slip it on for a very quick photo before sending it off. She's not been very keen on modelling for me lately and this cardi was a size too big for her so its not looking too great.
Next we have 'Afra' felted diamond bag knitted in Rico Creative poems. This is a yarn I'd didn't know aobut and I'm very impressed with it. I originally wanted to use Noro Kureyon and Creative Poems is very similar but much, much softer and much cheaper. It felted beautifully, actually it felts better and quicker than Kureyon does. If you like Noro Kureyon and Silk Garden but think it's a bit pricey, then Rico Creative Poems is a good alternative.

Here's the magazine shot:
Here's a sneak preview of the spread in Inside Crochet. 4 pages in total with lots of pictures of my yarn.

It's been a busy week and I've mainly been working on two secret projects, one which I finished today and will be posting to the magazine tomorrow. For the next two weeks my attention will be 100% on the Manos designs i'm working on. Pixie has already finished the front and back of the Manos sweater she's knitting for me so I'm very behind and need to catch up.
I did take some time out this weekend to do some work on my machien knitted SuperMerino cardian knitted in my SuperMerino Sock. I knitted the second front again on Saturday after realsing that somehow I'd ended up with two identical fronts. I then did the sleeves on Sunday.
I haven't got my ribber set up yet so I did the garter stitch border at the hems by hand and I'm currently working on a garter stitch button band/collar which goes right from the bottom of one front, up around the neck and down to the bottom of the ohter front. I've put it aside now to concentrate on the secret projects but I may try to finish it this weekend. The pictures arent' great as this cardi is knitted in my size, which is rather bigger than the size of my dress form. I'll get some 'modelled' pics when it's done. I can't wait to wear it. I'm very pleased with it as this is the first time I've knitted a proper project on my machine which included shaping. I've only done scarves before.

Yesterday i taught a 'Continental Knitting' class at Spin A Yarn. Four out of the six ladies on the course had been on my workshops before and it was great to see them again. We had a great day, at least I think they all enjoyed it. One lady thought she knitted continental but after showing me how she knits I think she actually uses the combination/eastern style of kniting which I've never seen in person before. It's a fascinating style of knitting and very quick. I may try to learn it. Unfortunately I'm suffering a lot with my back today as I always do after a day of teaching but today is worse. yesterday before I left home I sprained my back picking up laundry, I won't say how the laundry ended up on the floot but let's just say that a 14 year old having a tantrum and a basket of clean laundry flying down the stairs was involved. After a massage this morning my back is a little better but still sore and every time I get up after sitting down I struggle to straighten myself up. I'm very tired too. Girls broke up from school today for an early start to halfterm. I'm not impressed with two extra days added on to halfter especially after school closing for 6 days at the beginning of term but I won't have a rant about that now.


Knitting Out Loud said...

I love the cabled neckline on the cardigan!

Ann said...

Congratulations on your designs & they look great. Looks like you have been very busy.

Hege said...

Congratulations on your patterns and the article! How exciting! Now you will be even more busy! :)