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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Lace progress

I'm making great progress on my 'Alpine' Scarf. Look how much it's grown.

I'm really enjoying this pattern now. The border (which was causing me problems in the start) is still causing me occasional trouble but it's only one repeat each side now. And hte middle lace is lovely and simple. I've used up the first skein now so will have to wind up another one if I want to carry on with this tonight. Wno't take more than a couple of minutes with my ball winder and swift. The skeins are only 55gr (I think) each and Ive got three of them so hope it'll be enough.

My own designed shawl is going well too. I started off on fairly short needles and I'm getting too many stitches for the needle now and need to change to circulars. Haven't got any bamboo circs in the right size though so will need to do some shopping. Have decided I need another Kacha-Kacha counter as well. If you've not seen these fab little row counters from Clover I'll post a pic tomorrow. They're fab and making keeping track of rows so much easier. YOu can lockthem too so don't have to worry quite so much about them adding a row or two during transit. I only have one of these and i've got 4 projects on the go which i need a row counter for. got a bigger Clover counter too but don't like it as much.

My daughter, Ness, who is 11 have just served us a gorgeous home cooked meal (cooked by Ness) of some delicious homemade beefburgers with baps and salad and cookies for dessert. The meal was gorgeous and I never want to cook a frozen burger again. She's really shown me how easy they are to make. Her grandparents gave her a cookbook for Christmas and it's brilliant. And she had almost no help for me. She can cook again as I hate cooking. Had lunch at inlaws so have had a cookingfree day. Brill! Doing roast dinner tomorrow though. I hate cooking.

Tomorrow we're off to church for our normal church service and then a fellowship time when we all bring our lunch and eat together and they someone do a short talk on a subject that concerns the whole church. I always bring my knitting to this as there is a bit of sitting around chatting after lunch before the talk. I'm taking my sock this time. Got about half the cuff left to do. I'm expecting to get some admiring glances from some of the older ladies especially. They probably won't realise how popular sock knitting is. I'm also in the progress of typing up the pattern for my Cashmere socks and I hope I'll get them on the website as a free pattern next week. My next sock project after this is going to be my felted sock slippers. Still got to felt my swatch though.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.


Queen Frogger said...

What gorgeous lace Anni!

Anni said...

thank you.

Lyonheart said...

Your lace is absolutely beautiful, so delicate looking.
Wish either of my daughters were interested in taking up cooking, I hate it too!

Anni said...

Thank you Lyonheart. I like it that Vanessa fancies cooking. I've always hated it. my sister used to love it and was good at it but not me.

DianeM said...

Methinks Anni has caught the lace bug in a serious way ;-)

The Alpine Lace is looking fabulous, I can't stand every-row lace patterns myself but they are worth the effort!

Anni said...

I think you're right Diane. Everything seems to be lace at the moment. LOL.