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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lace, lace and more lace

I'm feeling a bit laced out at the moment. Out of my wips 4 are lace projects. I've still got a scarf from 'Lavish Lace' on the go. And the everlasting Cozy.
And over the weekend i started this gorgous scarf from 'Victorian Lace Today'. It's called Alpine Scarf and is very challenging to knit. The bottom border was awful to knit and I kept having to unpick. It's lace on every row so no rest rows. I know I've made one or two mistakes but I'm hoping it won't show. The yarn is Posh Cashmere Lace. Now I'm on the main bit I'm enjoying it a lot more. the centre pattern is a double rose leaf. It's knitting up lovely but will need blocking.

I started a new lace shawl today. It's an idea I've been thinking over for a while and I started swatching for it last week but wasn't happy. Today I got another idea and started drawing a chart all over and this time it's working. I've got some gorgeous Posh Tamara lace yarn which I'd planned to use but I've also got 4 skeins of Posh Cashmere sock yarn which I fancied to do something other than socks with. Was going to do gloves, hat and scarf but decided yesterday it'd be lovely to have a cashmere scarf and the sock weight is just so soft andsnuggly. The pattern is a heart pattern and I'm happy iwth how it's working out so far. I started this afternoon and have frogged it a few times and re-charted it numerous times but think I'm happy now.

I'm going to make this my main project tonight.

My sock is making slow progress. I'm ready for the heel now but think I'll be leaving it till tomorrow. I may make my sock my 'out of the house' and 'talk while I knit' project. It's such an easy knit that I can talk easilywhile I knit it and it's very portable. While the lace projects are a bit more limiting.

And here is the picture of the 'Lavish Lace' Cashmere scarf I finished last week. This is going to go in a present box to be given away either during the year or for next Christmas.


Jane said...

Annie, I am loving your lace knitting! Looks marvelous and I feel my fingers beginning to itch to try it!

Anni said...

Thank you Jane. Go for it. Lace is so much fun. And you end up with something really beautiful.

Debby said...

Anni, you are so talented. I still have not done lace but your lace is beautiful. I want to grow up and be like Anni

Anni said...

Honestly Debby, it's not difficult at all. All you need to learn is yo (which actually took me a while to work out and I found's explanation and video demo brilliant) and various decreased, most commonly used are k2tog, ssk, and sk2po (slip 1, k2tog, pass slipped st over the k2tog st - decrease from 3 to 1 st). That's all there is to it honestly. Most WS rows are rest rows, either purl or knit. Find yourself an easy lace pattern and go for it. Try a dish cloth first if you like to practice. You don't need to knit lace with fine lace weight yarn either. I've done lace with dk and sock weight yarns. I've got some lace socks published in March's MagKnits which are perfect to start on.