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Monday, January 22, 2007

Hot off the needles

Here are my Posh Yarns Cashmere 'Socks with a twist'. Hot off the needles this morning.

They are gorgeous (well I think so anyway). I love them and theyre on my feet as i type. The pattern is mine too. I designed it especially for these socks. I'm hoping to get it on mywebsite later in the week and it'll be free. It's a toe up pattern. I'm also planning a section on my website for instructions on how to do various sock bits. Like toes for toe up socks, short row heels, gusset/heelflap for toe up socks etc etc.

Last night I started a new wip. Wasn't going to until I finished anotehr wip but as I finished my socks this morning it was okay. Just needed something easy last night as Iwas very, very tired and in a lot of pain. Wanted to knit as I was feeling stressed and knitting calms me. But I just coudn't cope with anything too complicated or reading lace charts. And all my projects are lace at the moment. So I cast on for a shawl with my Posh (again) 'Phoebe' silk boucle. It is lace but very easy lace. NO charts needed. Again my own design. Whether or not I type this one up I don't know yet. It's really, really easy and I may type it up and put it up as a free pattern. The yarn has got plenty of texture so no need to add too much texture during knitting.

I'm also wanting to cast on for a hat. Don't really have a hat as i don't like wearing them at all. But it's cold here atthe moment. So I'm thinking about it. Got a pattern in mind (my own design) and have got the yarn out. Got enouhg yarn to knit matching handwarmers/gloves too.

But this morning I've been doing another repeat on my 'Alpine Scarf'. Nearly half way now.Yeah. I've got lots of housework to do today but I woke up at 3am with a horrific headache (same yesterday am) and severe neck pain. I did nod off again, but woke up every 15-30 mins. Got up at 4am to take some painkillers and thought about going downstairs (like I did yesterday) but was in so much pain Ijsut wanted to lie still and I was so tired I hoped I might just get back to sleep. Which I did, but it wasn't a proper sleep.

so now I'm feeling very tired. Got lots of tidying up to do after the weekend. Which I need to get on with now. Have mainly relaxed and knitted this morning though (okay, I did do my Tesco online shopping so not wasted the whole morning.


Hege said...

Cashmere socks, how luxurious! They are very beautiful.
Thanks for your comment on my page. The Marius sweaters are so very special, they feel like home, don't they? I still have mine, about size 12 yrs. Oh well, what can you do. :) I am very happy to find your blog and seeing your gorgeous projects!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. It's nice to discover fellow Norwegians in the world of knitting blogs. I had no idea until I read your blog that Marius sweaters were so 'trendy'.

Trudie said...


Anonymous said...

They are, aren't they Dee? I just love the colour. I want some more of that colour please.