Friday, June 24, 2016

The Knitter 99

The Knitter issue 99 is a bumper issue for me as I have three designs in this issue. I did not design the shawl on the cover but I really like it!

Candytuft is a sweet little lace top which is knitted in Drops Alpaca which is a 4ply yarn. This is a cropped little top with an all over lace pattern but it can easily be made longer. Just work more of the lace pattern before the armhole shaping. However, you will need more yarn.

Candytuft is designed to be layered over a dress or blouse. It is worked in the round to the underarms; the front and back are then worked separately to the shoulders, which are joined by working a three-needle cast-off. Garter stitch edgings are knitted on around the armhole and neck line - this means no sewing up.

Rondeau is a fun little summer sweater worked in Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk 4ply which is a lusciously soft and silky yarn. 

To create the garment, a lace panel is worked first for the centre front and back. Stitches are picked up along the sides of the lace panel, then the sides of the garment and the dolman sleeves are worked in garter stitch stripes. The result looks fresh and summery, and will be comfortable to wear.

I love the lace pattern on the front of Rondeau. This could also be layered over a blouse or long sleeved t-shirt in the colder seasons.

Flora is a crescent shawl I designed for Artesano a few years ago and it is also available as a free download hereFlora takes just one skein of sock yarn (400m/100g).

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday WIP - Off the needles and on the needles

I've got a couple of finishes this week. I finished my La Bien Aimee hap shawl. I haven't blocked this yet and the pattern won't be released until July/August but I'm so looking forward to blocking this next week when I'm home again. 

My Mudpunch socks have been nearly finished for a while now so on Sunday I thought I'd just get them done. I had a few rounds of rib left to do one one sock and then I knitted the afterthought heel on both socks. They're so soft and lovely. I can't wait to wear these socks.

In church on Sunday I finished the first of my sparkly Opal socks. When I got home I cast off the first sock and cast on for the toe of sock no 2. I'll be knitting on this on my Cumbria trip this week. We leave today for Woolfest which is on Friday and Saturday.

After I finished the hap shawl, I decided to knit a lacy garment for myself. I'd like to wear this on our cruise in 2.5 weeks if I can get it finished.This may be a design for a future Lace Wear Volume Two collection which I'm considering for the autumn/winter. Lace Wear Volume One is available at a reduced price at the moment until the final design is released in July/August.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Introducing Adeline

The flurry of pattern releases continue with the fifth design in the Lace Wear Volume One Collection - Adeline. 

I chose to knit Adeline in Crazy Zauberball but any 4ply (fingering weight) yarn can be used and I've got a version I knitted for myself in Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal but I forgot to get Emily to model it for me. 

Adeline is worked in the round from the top down and is essentially a square with a hole for the head. It can easily be made larger and smaller by working more or fewer repeats of any of the charts except Chart A.

Adeline is the fifth design in the Lace Wear Collection and the Collection is currently £13 (plus your local VAT rate if you're in the EU). When the final design is published in July/August the price will increase to £15. If you've already purchased the collection, you will receive the pattern automatically. 

If you purchase the Lace Wear Volume One Collection now, you will receive all the patterns released so far and the final design when it's published. 

Adeline is available as a separate pattern too and is 25% off until 23 June 2016. No coupon code needed. I'll have print copies of the pattern and plenty of yarn options at Woolfest on Friday and Saturday (I'm in aisle D).

My 3 for 2 pattern offer finishes tomorrow in my Ravelry Pattern Shop. No coupon code needed.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Introducing Coraline

I'm excited to introduce the fourth design in the Lace Wear Volume One Collection - Coraline

Wrap yourself in a cloud of soft, luxurious lace. Beads add a touch of glamour. Colours are blended with a ripple lace pattern. Coraline is worked as a rectangle and can be worn as a stole or folded and seamed to create a poncho.

Coraline is knitted in four colours of Lang Merino 200 Bebe which I'll have in stock at Woolfest this weekend and in the YarnAddict Shop from next week. I used four colours for Coraline and the colours are blended by working a few rows of ripple lace between the lace sections.

The Lace Wear Volume One Collection is currently £11 (plus your local VAT rate if you're in the EU) and the price will increase to £13 tomorrow when the fifth design is published. The final design in this collection will be published in July/August.

Coraline is also available separately as a pdf download and is 25% off until 23 June 2016 (only valid in my Ravelry Pattern Shop). No coupon code needed. The pattern is also available on Love Knitting.

My 3 for 2 pattern offer is still on until 22 June in my Ravelry Pattern Shop. No coupon code needed.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Introducing Luca

I've been looking forward to revealing a new shawl design for weeks now. Luca is delicate, silky and dripping with beads. It combines garter stitch stripes with decadent lace.

Luca is worked top down in an interesting shape. The shawl starts as a triangular shawl and after the first section, another panel is added either side. The pattern is really clearly written and as long as you follow the pattern and use markers where suggested, the shape is easy to achieve.

The edging has a really interesting bead detail. On the last right side row, triple yarn overs are worked and on the final row, a string of three beads are added to those triple yarn overs. The beads are added in the same way as adding one bead, except you add three beads. I have a 'Knitting With Beads' video tutorial which shows how to add beads using the crochet hook method.

Luca is 25% off until 23 June on Ravelry only. No coupon code needed. Luca is also available on Love Knitting but there's no discount there.

Luca is knitted in Schoppel 6 Karat and takes one skein of each colour. I have a few skeins of 6 Karat in the YarnAddict Shop but will have more at Woolfest next week.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wednesday WIP - Manic Deadline Knitting

The last few weeks have been dominated by deadline knitting. As soon as I'd finished my 5 day sweater last week, I was back to knitting on another deadline garment I'd already started. I was expecting to finish it fairly quickly but I ended up ripping back and re-knitting the entire yoke. At the moment I'm working on the button band. So just weaving in ends and blocking left.

My deadline garment was a bit big to take out and about with me this weekend so I took my Mudpunch sock to church on Sunday and during church, I got as far as the start of the 20 rounds of rib at the top of the sock. I've only got a couple of rounds left so will do that this afternoon after I've finished the deadline garment.

We went to Lanhydrock House (a local National Trust property) on Sunday afternoon and I brought my other sock in progress to work on. Only managed a few rounds while Simon and Em looked around the secondhand book shop. I will be taking this socks with me on our trip to Cumbria next week to finish. 

In the last week, I've taken the odd evening off from deadline knitting to work on my hap design. I'm on the lace now and I'm loving it. I've got about 30g of yarn left to knit up so I may be able to finish this before we leave for Cumbria. I've got plans for something else I'd like to cast on for our Cumbria trip.

Lately I've been seeing lots of photos of the new WYS Cocktails sock yarn on social media so last week when I saw them at Spin A Yarn, I got two colours. I also picked up the new issue of Interweave Knits.

What's on your needles at the moment? Share in the comments. 

I've got three patterns due to be published. Two will definitely be published before we leave for Woolfest next Wednesday. I may leave one till we get back, although I will have patterns for all three at the show.

Here's a sneak peak of one of them:

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mini Tip - Long Tail Cast On Tips - Part 2

If you missed the first part of my long tail cast on tutorial check last week's Mini Tip tutorial. I also did a Periscope broadcast last week with some useful tips for long tail and thumb cast on mehtods. 

The long tail cast on and thumb cast on gives the same look but the yarn is held differently. So any advice I have given for the long tail cast on also applies to the thumb cast on.

When you do the long tail cast on, the first row is a wrong side row. If you use the long tail cast on, cast on a few stitches and start knitting the first row. Look at the knots at the bottom of the first row of stitches (see second photo below). 

When you start knitting the second row, look at how much neater the cast on edge looks (see top photo below).

The right side of the cast on edge.

The wrong side of the cast on edge.

So after working the long tail cast on, work a wrong side row first. If your knitting has an edging, like garter stitch, moss stitch or rib, just work row 2 first and then work one row more or less than the pattern states.

If you've been using the long tail or thumb cast on for years and never realised this, you're in good company. I've used the long tail cast on all my life (and I've been knitting for around 40 years) and only realised a few years ago that there was a wrong and right side to the long tail cast on.

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