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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Introducing the Trebyan cardigan

The Trebyan cardigan combines comfort, warmth and airiness in a simple layering piece. Knitted in three pieces in an easy double yarn over lace pattern, Trebyan knits up quickly in your favourite self-striping yarn. In the photos I'm wearing the longer length in the largest size (128cm/51¼in bust).

Trebyan comes in two lengths and four sizes in each length, so you can create a shape that suits you and your needs. See the pattern page for full size details (there's a schematic in the photos on the pattern page). 

Get 25% off the Trebyan pattern until end of October 2019. Use coupon code: TREBYAN25 

Trebyan is knitted in Schoppel Zauberball 100 and takes 2 or 3 100g balls. You can also use Zauberball Cotton.

If you'd like to order the yarn to knit Trebyan, I'm offering 15% off in the YarnAddict Online Shop until end of October 2019. Use coupon code: TREBYAN. The discount is valid on everything in the YarnAddict Online Shop.

I've filmed a tutorial showing how I seamed and blocked Trebyan which you can watch here and a short video introducing Trebyan which you can watch here

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Monday, September 09, 2019

Get ready for sweater weather with Polzeath

Polzeath is a light and airy sweater knitted in one piece with an all over lace pattern. The sweater is knitted in the round to the underarm. Stitches are cast on for the sleeves and the front and back are knitted separately to the shoulders which are joined with a three needle cast off. This means no sewing up.

Polzeath is perfect to wear over a strappy top either for a casual look or dressed up for a smarter occasion.

Get 30% off the Polzeath pattern until end of 25 September 2019 (UK time). Use coupon code: POLZEATH30

The sweater in the photos is knitted in Rowan Silky Lace but my sample knitter is currently knitting a sample in Schoppel Laceball 100. The pattern comes in four sizes from bust circumference 90cm/36in to 140cm/56in. For full size range see the pattern page. The smallest size requires 150g/1080m lace weight yarn and the largest size 200g/1440m. Schoppel Laceball 100 can be ordered from the YarnAddict Online Shop.

The YarnAddict Online Shop
will remain open but I will not be posting any orders after 12noon 28 August until 15 September 2019.

I recently released a new video tutorial on how to keep the pattern correct while shaping (for example shaping for armholes, neck line etc). Find the tutorial here. 

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Tutorial - Shaping while keeping the pattern correct

In today's tutorial I'm going to talk about how to keep the pattern correct while shaping at the edge of the fabric. I'm talking specifically about lace patterns here but these principles apply to other stitch patterns as well. Lace patterns are a little bit different because of the yarn overs (yarn forward, yarn over the needle, yarn round the needle) which are increases and decreases. 

In lace patterns each yarn over has a corresponding decrease. Sometimes this decrease is right next to the yarn over and sometimes it's several stitches away or on a later row.  If the yarn over is further away from the decrease it makes working out how to keep the pattern correct more difficult.

In this tutorial I've used a very simple lace pattern. It is much easier to work out how to keep the pattern correct if you can read charts because you have a visual representation of what your knitting looks like and you can expand the pattern repeat which is what I've done in the charts below. The easiest way to do this is to get some squared paper and copy the lace pattern on the squared paper and then expand it horizontally.

Below are the charts I use in the video.

k2tog - knit two stitches together
m1 – increase one stitch by lifting the strand between two stitches & placing the loop on the left hand needle, knit this loop through the back loop
p2tog - purl two stitches together
p2tog tbl - purl two stitches together through back loop
RS – right side
sk2po – slip one stitch knitwise, k2tog, pass slipped stitch over
ssk - slip one stitch knitwise, slip next stitch knitwise, insert left needle into front of both stitches and knit together
ssp - slip one stitch knitwise, slip next stitch knitwise, pass stitches back to left hand needle and purl through the back loop
WS – wrong side
yo - yarn over/yarn forward

Chart A:

 Chart B:

Chart C:

In the example below, the yarn overs and decreases are not symmetrical. As you can see the decreases are at the beginning of rows 1 and 3 and the yarn overs are afterwards. So you have two decreases followed by two increases (yarn overs). This is more difficult to deal with when it comes to keeping the pattern correct while shaping.  In this example I would take away a complete repeat at the beginning and end of the row. Use markers to section off where you'll be working the repeat and where you'll be working in stocking stitch.

If you have any questions, please ask them under the You Tube video for this tutorial rather than here on the blog as it's easier for me to answer on You Tube.

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Port Quin & a Birthday Discount!

Port Quin is a stylish accessory which can be worn as a scarf or a shawl. This asymmetrical triangle shawl features short rows to add a more curved shape and interesting crossed stitches. Pattern includes links to video tutorials for the German short rows, Picots and Crossed Stitches. 

Port Quin has little picots along the lower edge & I'll be uploading a video to show how to work those soon.

I knitted Port Quin in Zauberball Cotton and used two balls but you can also use Zauberball 100 or Zauberball. This weekend is my 50th birthday so I've got a very special offer for you.

Get 20% off any purchase from the YarnAddict Online Shop and 50% off any purchase from my Ravelry Pattern Shop. Use discount code: HAPPY50 for both discounts. Valid until midnight UK on Monday 26 August 2019. Also please note that I will not be posting any parcels for orders received after noon on 28 August until 15 September 2019.

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Saturday, August 03, 2019

Three Bags Full

Three Bags Full is an annual event in my home town of Liskeard in Cornwall (about 30 mins from Plymouth). There's a Wool Market and two weeks of wool related workshops. After missing the Wool Market last year due to another event on the same weekend, I'll be back this year with a stall full of colourful yarn, patterns, beads and of course my books.

The Wool Market takes place in the Public Hall in Liskeard on Saturday 5 October from 12pm to 5pm and the list of stall holders looks very impressive. 

Poncho worked from the top down with a circular yoke due to be published in September.

On Tuesday 8 October I'll be teaching my Top Down Fair Isle Yoke Workshop. In this class you'll learn how to knit Stranded Colour Work/Fair Isle as well as how to knit a sweater from the top down with a circular yoke shaping. I'll show you how to knit with two colours and how to work out how to knit a sweater to fit your own measurements. Find the workshop details here (scroll down until you see the photo below).

The Dawn Chorus sweater from Let's Knit has a circular yoke but was worked from the bottom up. Find the free pattern here.

 On 15 October I'll be teaching Beaded Lace Knitting Workshop. You'll learn how to knit lace as well as three ways of adding beads to your knitting. In the afternoon you'll get a chance to cast on for your own beaded lace shawl from a selection of my patterns. Find the details here (scroll down until you see the cover of my Beaded Lace Knitting book (above).

Liskeard is easy to get to as it's on one of the main trunk roads through Cornwall, the A38 about half an hour from Plymouth. There's also a mainline train station in town (London to Paddington line)  and the town centre is about a 10 min walk from the station.

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Friday, August 02, 2019


Albertine is a sumptuous lace and beaded shawl shaped using Elizabeth Zimmermans’s Pi formula. The 2/3 circular shape helps the shawl to sit neatly around the shoulders. The lace pattern is highlighted with beads to catch the light. Here's my How to add beads using the crochet hook method tutorial.

Albertine was originally published in The Knitter Magazine in 2014 but is now available as a single pattern. Above is the original version knitted in Fyberspates Gleem Lace.

I have a selection of discounted kits available for pre-order until midnight UK on 12 August 2019. Kits will be shipped by 22 August 2019 and include yarn, pattern pdf and 4 bags of beads. Pre-order kits here. Full price for the yarn, pattern and beads is £36.50 and the kits retail at £33.50 so a saving of £3.

Get 30% off the Albertine pattern until midnight UK on 12 August 2019. Use coupon code: ALBERTINE30

I've recorded a short video introducing Albertine and how I wear it. Watch it here.

 Below is a blocking photo of Albertine so you can see the blocked shape.

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Thursday, August 01, 2019

Confessions of a YarnAddict - Episode 3 - How Knitting Helped Me Cope With Health Issues

In this week's episode I talk about how knitting helped me cope with chronic pain and how I got into designing and teaching knitting.

I also share some new stash, a finished shawl and what's on my needles this week including a new cast on.

You can watch the podcast here.

All the links to all the products I talk about are below the video on my You Tube channel.

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