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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Workshops at Handmade Studios

I love adding new shops to my teaching schedule, especially in parts of the country I've not taught before. This autumn I'm teaching three workshops at Handmade Studios in Rowland's Castle near Portsmouth. My first class is on Saturday 21 October and there are still spaces on this workshop.

I'll be teaching Slip Stitch and Fair Isle Colourwork which is the perfect class if you're knew to knitting with two colours. In the morning you'll learn how to work slip stitch colourwork which is the easiest way to incorporate colour into your knitting. The scarf above is an example of stitch stitch colour work. 

In the afternoon we'll focus on fair isle knitting. You'll learn all the fair isle basics like knitting with one colour in each hand (if you're a continental knitter, I'll show you how to knit with both colours in the left hand), how to make sure your floats are the correct length, how to deal with long floats (ie how to weave in your yarn as you go) and how to read fair isle charts. You'll also learn how to knit in the round using the magic loop technique. You'll get plenty of practice knitting a small swatch during the class. 

This class is perfect if you're new to fair isle knitting or you've done a bit of fair isle knitting but want to improve your technique. See the details of this class here. 

On Saturday 25 November, I'll be back at Handmade Studios for a Circular Fair Isle Yoke Sweater workshop. In this class you'll learn how to knit a sweater in the round from the bottom up with a circular yoke and how to incorporate a fair isle pattern on the yoke. 

We'll go through all the maths you'll need to work out the numbers for your own sweater as well as all the techniques needed to knit a circular yoke sweater. You'll also learn basic fair isle techniques such as knitting with a colour in each hand, how to make sure the floats are the correct length and how to avoid long floats. This is a new class for this term and I'm very excited to be teaching it.

Copyright Let's Knit Magazine

The sweaters in the photos above and below were published in Let's Knit Magazine and incorporate simple patterns on the yoke. More details on the class here. 

Copyright Let's Knit Magazine

And finally on Saturday 9 December I'll be back to teach Fair Isle Knitting and Steeking. This is a fast-paced workshop where we'll go through fair isle techniques in the morning while you knit a tube. In the afternoon you'll learn how to re-enforce the steek with a crochet seam, how to cut the steek and how to pick up and knit a button band that covers the cut edge. More details on the class here. 

For all three classes, contact Handmade Studios for more details and to book and I hope to see you at one of these three workshops this autumn.

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Monday, October 09, 2017

Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018

Yes I'm teaching at The Edingburgh Yarn Festival in March 2018. I'm so excited as this is one of the most fabulous yarn festivals in the UK. It attracts huge number of visitors from around the world. I'll be teaching three classes and the class preview is now up. Bookings open on Saturday 14 October 2017 at 4pm UK time.

On Wednesday 14 March fro 10am to 1pm I'm teaching Circular Fair Isle Yokes.  You will learn how circular yokes are constructed and how to incorporate a fair isle pattern on your yoke, how to shape the yoke and adjust the shaping to work with your fair isle pattern. Read more about this class here.

Copyright - Let's Knit

Also on Wednesday from 2 to 5pm, I'll be teaching Continental Knitting with Norwegian Purl. The continental way of knitting is faster and more efficient than most English styles. You will learn how to carry your yarn in your left hand and knit continental style as well as the long tail cast on and Norwegian purl. For the Norwegian Purl the yarn is held at the back which makes combined knit and purl stitches such as ribs much quicker. 

This class will include my online Continental Knitting with Norwegian Purl class as a free bonus so that you can continue to get online support and refresh any new techniques online after the class. Read more about the class here.

And on Thursday 15th March from 2pm to 5pm I'll be teaching Beaded Lace Knitting. Beads add elegance and glamour to any lace knitting. In this class you will learn three different ways of adding beads to your lace knitting and how to choose which method is suitable for your project. You will also learn how to read lace charts and work common lace stitches. Read more about this class here.

After my workshops I'll be staying on in Edinburgh for a few days to enjoy the show and explore the city with my Mum who's coming over from Norway. The Market Place will take place from 15 to 17 March. This will be my first trip to Edinburgh so I'm so excited for this event!

So, who's coming to Edinburgh? 

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Saturday, October 07, 2017

The Knit-Tea Retreat - Bookings Open

I blogged about my classes at the Knit-Tea Retreat recently. You can read it here.

I'm teaching three classes at this retreat along with three other amazing teachers. The venue in Cardiff is beautiful, the classes are inspiring and there will be time for socialising and knitting too. 

Bookings open today. Get all the details here.

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Friday, October 06, 2017

It's Fiesta Time

Fiesta is the perfect layering garment which will take you through several seasons. The relaxed shape is the perfect canvas for the bold lace pattern. Fiesta is worked in one piece with easy shaping and no sewing up. 

Fiesta comes in two sizes with notes on how to customise the size. Both models are wearing size 2. 

I have a limited number of Fiesta kits available for pre-order. Kits will ship as soon as the printed patterns arrive (hopefully by end of next week). Pre-order Fiesta kits here.

Get 25% off the Fiesta pattern until 15 October 2017.  Use coupon code: fiestatime. Purchase the pattern here.

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Monday, October 02, 2017

A great way to learn fair isle knitting

Fair isle knitting is becoming increasingly popular but it can be intimidating if you've never tried it before. Whether you're brand new to fair isle knitting or you just need to brush up on your skills, Selbu mittens are a perfect way to learn and practice fair isle knitting. You'll also love this class if you already know how to knit fair isle but want to learn how to knit these traditional Norwegian mittens. 

In the class we'll knit a mini mitten (perfect for Christmas decorations) to practice all the fair isle techniques - how to knit with a colour in each hand, how to strand the yarn correctly and more, as well as how to shape the mitten. You'll get a choice of two mittens and one hand-warmer pattern to take home.

Selbu mittens are traditional Norwegian mittens and are a fun project and perfect for Christmas presents.

Last Saturday, I taught Sellbu Mittens at The Slipped Stitch in Sherborne, Dorset. The photo below is from the class. The ladies varied in age from 30s to 60s. Some were experienced knitters who'd knitted from many years and some were brand new knitters having only learnt earlier this year. They all enjoyed it and were pleased with what they had achieved by the end of the day.

On 7 October, I'll be teaching Selbu Mittens at La Mercerie in Cowbridge, Wales (approx 30 mins drive from Cardiff). There are still spaces on this workshop. Contact La Mercerie for more details and to book.

In December I'll be teaching Selbu Mittens at The Wool Merchant in Dartington, Devon. Contact The Wool Merchant for more details and to book.

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Friday, September 29, 2017

The Knit-Tea Retreat

I'm so excited to announce that I'll be teaching at The Knit-Tea Retreat in Cardiff  20 and 21 October 2018. The venue looks beautiful and there will be three other teachers and a range of workshops. Details of the other tutors can be found here (they haven't revealed the final tutor yet).

I will be teaching three half day workshops: Shetland Lace Knitting, Fair Isle Knitting and Steeking. Jennie and Zoe, who are running the retreat, asked me a few questions which you can read here.

All my classes are suitable for anyone who are confident with knitting basics. You don't have to be an 'expert' knitter to take these classes, although if you are an 'expert' knitter you are welcome too. I will teach you all the skills you need to know. 

Sign up to their newsletter to find out more about the retreat and to get the chance to book your space before it opens to the general public. Booking will open some time in October.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Yarndale Round Up

Yarndale was amazing as always. We drove up to Yorkshire on Thursday and enjoyed a bit of sightseeing in Ilkley and Skipton before we went to set up for the show on Friday.

The Oxfam book shop in Skipton was ready for the invasion of knitters.

Because we were so busy I didn't have much time to look around the show. I managed to get away for a few minutes on the second day and quickly visited a couple of stalls I'd been keen to see. 

A mitten display at the show (not my mittens)

I've been following Woolly Originals for a while and I finally gave in to temptation and got one of her project pouches. Perfect for my sock in progress. And I actually managed to finish one sock on our trip. I did most of the knitting in the car and a little bit in the quiet periods on Sunday. I only had half a round left to cast off when we got home. 

I was also keen to see An Caitin Beag. I got a silver stitch marker bangle from her last Christmas and wanted to see what else was on offer. I managed to resist the jewellery and got a tote bag and one of the knitters notebooks. I got three notebooks a little while ago but Emily took one of them so I got a replacement. These notebooks are fabulous. 

Normally we walk around the whole show before it opens but this time we weren't able to do that for various reasons and I did miss seeing what else was on offer. 

The fabulous Yarndale bunting

My favourite part of the show was meeting regular and new customers and especially everyone who came to say hello from my Love of Lace Knitting Facebook group and other knitting groups. It was so lovely to meet you all. Thank you very much to everyone who supported us over the weekend and to the Yarndale team for excellent organisation and for putting on a brilliant show again.

Here are some photos before we set up and of our stall:




Me wearing my Portofino poncho

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