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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

24 hours to go....

....and have I even started packing??? NO!!! What am I doing on here? we'll I've logged on to print out our travel documents. And half have printed out okay but the other half have printed out gobbledigook. So looks like I may be here fora while. Mr Yarn Addict got the suitcases down from the loft last weekend and normally him and I take suitcases and the girls have large bags for thier clothes as we can't fit 4 suitcases in our car. Now, the bags are normally kept in our suitcases but I've just opened them and they're not there. I know we gave away one of the bags to a girl from Uganda who stayed wiht us a few months ago as she didn't have any proper travel case. But there should have been at least one other suitcase around. Problem is Mr Y A won't be home until very late as he has his Christmas do adn I can't carry the ladder up to get in the loft. So I'm more ready to panick now than ever before.

All the travel docs have finally been printed off properly. Still got to find our passports and drivers licences etc.

Got a nice surprise this morning. My sale yarn from Posh from last Wednesday finally arrived. It's gorgeous. Don't you agree? The blue skein is Lucia (Cashmere/Merino) sock yarn in Airforce adn will become socks for Mr YA. Got to keep him happy. And the purple is Tamara (cashmere/merino) Rhapsody and will become something for me. Not sure if it's enough for a wrap or whether or not I'd better aim for a scarf. It's laceweight and I'm sure I can find a gorgeous pattern in my new book 'Victorian Lace today' to knit with it. Both skeins and the book are coming on holiday with me btw. Still have to decide what other yarn to take with me and what to aim at knitting while on holiday. Socks, lace or something different. Got some Collinette Grafitti which is coming and will be knitted into a scarf as soon as I've finished the Christmas socks.

Speaking of Christmas socks. I've had to start again on my Dad's socks as the border on the cuff was too tight for my legs so won't fit his. I tried to unravel it but got into a huge mess so have started again with some Regia. Lovely to knit with. Still got half of my grandfather's sock to do and a whole pair for my grandmother. But I can do those in Norway, got till Sunday anyway. Would like to get my dad's finished by the time we get there tomorrow evening. I've done a third of the cuff on the first sock. If I knit all the way to Stansted in the car I may make it. As long as they allow me to take it on the plane. I use bamboo needles so don't see why not.

Off to pack now. As soon as I find something to pack in.

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Knitbert said...

It will all be fine Anni, I'm sure! Chill, chill, it's Christmas. I love your purple yarn BTW.
Have a lovely time in Norway and relax!