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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Now I'm really panicking

What a bad and unproductive day I've had. I came down with a cold yesterday which was much worse today. Felt pretty awful this morning. Got Emily and my friend's daughter to school for 9am. Then had to sit and wait in reception to watch Emily's nativity play in French (they're only Year 4!!) at 9.30. I took a sock with me and got quite a few rounds done. Had refreshments afterwards although I escaped as soon as I could. Then it was a quick dash into town to get a bit of shopping including the last two presetns I had to get. I only managed to get one of them. Got home about 11.30am, had lunch and fell asleep in the chair!!!! Woke up about 2ish. Sorted out rubbish to put out as bin lorry was coming up the road. Then dash over to church to pick Em uup after the School church service.

So where is all the washing and drying I've got left to do? Where is the packing? Yeah, you're right. didn't get any of that done today at all. PANICK!!! Got to do all the packing tomorrow now and I've got Em home as well. Am also supposed to pop into town fora fringe trim but maybe I won't bother.

I did sort out my prescriptions today. Counted up how much I need to take on holiday with me. A bit scary. I take 6 different pills atthe moment for my neck/back pain and underactive thyroid which means I take 20 pills a day. Which means taking 300 pills iwth me on holiday. My suitcase will rattle. That's if I can get through customs.

Lots more knitting to do too. I've been trying to finish my Big Wool shopper but I'm thinking about abandoning it in favour of Christmas socks.

Off to chat to inlaws now as they've come to pick our dog up. At least their scarves are done and wrapped.

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