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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Just a quickie.

Had a busy weekend and been very tired. So just a quick post tonight. Have finished a dish cloth and this pattern will be the first pattern in my dish clot pattern collection. Planning to do a selection of patterns to be sold as one pattern. One down, a few more to go.

Been scootering on with my other wips. And have started the Cozy again. After my latest frogging, I decided to cast on in Lornas Laces Bullfrog & Butterflies. It's a gorgeous colour and I'll post a pic tomorrow when I've knitted a bit more.

Also planning a complete wip stock take tomorrow. May help me focus a bit. I'm planning to do a photograhic wips stock take every Monday hoping it may help me get some of them done. Got some urgent ones and some not so urgent. Off for some more Cozy knitting now.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


blog-blethers said...

errrr WIP stock take??? You brave soul ... I just hide the plastic bags in more discrete places so that I don't embarass myself too much with how many WIPs I have on the go at the moment (and have added ANOTHER one to the mammoth list ... currently knitting Wooley from Noro Unlimited for DD2 using the Cascade I bought at the GK Open Day:) So far, we are both really pleased with it. Must love her dearly - the whole thing is done in moss stitch!

Anonymous said...

I bet that'll looke fantastic. And knitting a whole top in moss stitch. I found it hard work to do a pair of handwarmers in moss stitch. LOL. Still not done my stock take yet. And I've started some more projects (blushing furiously).

blog-blethers said...

What a clever masterplan, Anni :)!! Reducing the stash by increasing the works in progress ... I like your thinking, woman! Spill the beans please .... what are your new projects? Am getting on ok with Wooley - so far have done the back and am on second sleeve. There's the remotest possibility THIS one might get finished!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the finished jumper. At the moment I've got 1 scarf/wrap (for my mum for birthday in November or Christmas), 2 wraps, 1 shawl, hat and I'm sure there is more on the needles. I've just finished a pair of socks today. I want to knit another felted bag, lots of socks, got to do Ness' pair of socks from her own hand dyed yarn. Knitted one but it's too small so got to frog it and start again. Got some yarn coming for a jumper and want to do another wrap and scarf in Touch mohair. Plus all the millions of other planned projects using wool from my stash. When I die I'll leave a huge stash of yarn for my daughters to inherit (not being morbid here, just realistic and i'm not planning to pop off just yet) so I hope they get into knitting otherwise the charity shops will be lucky one day. LOL.