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Monday, October 02, 2006

Dish Cloth Magic

Having been spurred on by the Dish Cloth Swap on the Knitting Haven Forum I thought I'd better get around to knitting a dish cloth for my recipient. So I got a ball of Patons 100 % cottong DK and these four cloths are the result. Two of the patterns (the zig zag ones) are patterns I've already used in scarves. The other two are new ones and based on patterns in Vogue Knitting book. The patterns will be available for purchase on my website soon as a 4-in-1 pattern called the Dish Cloth Collection. These cloths will also make fantastic face cloths and make gorgeous presents if you fancy something a bit different. And though they're too gorgeous to use as dish cloth, they actually make fantastic dish cloths. I've got 2 knitted in Patons cotton already and I love them. Would like to keep this lot but one will go to my dish cloth swap recipient and the rest will be sold on my stall at the next craft fair I'm doing. Planning another dish cloth collection soon.


blog-blethers said...

Had planned to knit some face cloths using Sirdar Luxury Cotton DK, along with handmade soap, for wee gifts for folk at christmas. Your soooo much more productive than me ... the rate I am going (errrr not even cast on yet!), I'll be giving them as gifts in Christmas 2007!!

Anonymous said...

LOL. I'm like that with some projects. Never seem to get going. I like doing cloths as it's a perfect chance to try out new stitch patterns. I knitted these four in a morning. It was a morning I was feeling very tired, down adn was in a lot of pain so I just treated myself to lots of knitting time. It helped me take my mind oftings and a few quick projects are very satisfying as you finish them so quickly it gives you instant results and satisfaction. I knitted up a whole ball. I've also got a new knitting book (Knitters Bible) with lots of new stitch patterns to try out.