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Friday, September 29, 2006

Trip to the Zoo

Sounds nice doesn't it? A trip to the zoo. Now add a class of year 4 (8 year olds) and it's not qutie such nice day out. I went on my daughters school trip to Paignton Zoo today. I had a group of only 4 kids and they weren't too bad I suppose but the whole class were lively and noisy. We were supposed ot keep 'our' 4 kids with us but as we walked around as a class they were all over the place. I've been to this Zoo lots of times before and the last time was in August so wasn't too fussed about missing out on anything but some of the kids were disappointed we didn't have time to look at everything.

I was exhausted when we got back on the busy and even though I've been popping painkilelrs all day my neck wasn't too good either. Fell asleep within minutes of getting on the bus and slept most of the way home. Woke up a few times due to the extreme noise lthough I had my mp3 player on to try to drown it out.

Now my youngest is in bed and husband and oldest daughter have gone to badminton practice. So I've got 2 hours of tv, a big bowl of icecream and lots of knitting to get on with. Not sure whether to carry on with one of my umpteen wips or start something new. Got some sock yarn I'm desperate to get on with. But ought to finish some wips first.

Ice cream, tv and knitting - BLISS & well deserved after a day with 8 year olds. Don't know how their teachers survive.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


angelsandsparkles said...

Hi Anni,
You deserve a medal for looking after all those children. You must have the patience of a saint! I think a huge glass of wine as well as a tub of ice cream, and a big bar of chocolate would have been in order for me! haha.
Have a lovely relaxing weekend.

Anni said...

Thank you Angelsandsparkles. I like your idea. I'm not that fussed about wine but a Malibu and Pineapple would have been nice, except that I don't have iether. Had a large bowl of ice cream and a bit (ok a large bit) of chocolate. Stayed up far too late watching a film though. Have a nice weekend.

blog-blethers said...

Anni, I reckon you deserved MORE than chocolate, ice-cream and alcohol for surviving a school trip!! Have shared that experience once only and decided I wouldn'r be repeating the experience unmedicated ever again ... decibel meltdown!

Anni said...

LOL, Angie. Everytime I go I swear I won't volunteer again. But they seem to be struggling to get volunteers at the moment. Problem is Em desperately wants me to go and as I'm at home I've got no real excuse. Unless the trip will be far too much for me to cope with neck/back pain wise.