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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mid week blues

Feel a bit weird today. I'm extremely tired after a couple of late nights and waking up at 4am yesterday. It was such a busy weekend and I tried to relax and catch up on Monday and Tuesday. This morning I decided ot just relax. I managed to finish my two entries for the Knitcases competition. One I've been working on for quite a while or rather I did the main work and then finished it off and typed up the pattern this morning. The other one I've been working on for the last week. Not sure if it was really ready to be sent off yet but never mind. Still planning to do some changes to the pattern. I'm not telling anyone what my entries are yet. I'll wait until after the closing day this weekend. Hoping to know results next week but I don't think I'll win. My entries have just been e-mailed off.

having been so busy finishing off these two projects lately I've left all my other wips alone. Now I don't know which one to start with. I did a bit on my Touch wrap earlier as I'm going to spin a yarn on Tuesday and it would be useful to have finished the current hank I'm working on so that I know if I need another one or not.

I also had a go at my Cozy and wished I hadn't. The pattern is easy and repetitive so why do I keep making mistakes. I'm getting extremely fustrated now and if it wasn't for the Knitalong I'd give up but feel I ought to try again. Got some LL Bullfrogs & Butterflies in my stash and thinking of casting on in taht instead to see if it'll get me enthusiastic about it again. Although I love the Silk Garden I'm using, which I originally got for a Clapotis.

Also got two sock designs on the go. One I'm using for socks for Ness but it's too tight around the calf so have to frog it and start again. Would love to finish it by Friday when she comes home from a residential trip with school but I better get going if that's going to happen. Have also done two version of another pattern and don't like either so do I do a third version or give up??? Want to finalise a sock pattern to enter for the Angel Yarns Forum Sock Book so need to make a decison. But having frantically knitted socks for hte last week for the Knitcases entry i could do with a sock break. Also got stacks of other sock patterns I'd like to try.

Tidyed up my stash yesterday and I've got so much yarn I want t oknit with and not enough time.

Oh, and just remembered I need to finish the present for my nephew's birthday in a few weeks. Doing a hat and scarf and maybe mittens to match his socks.

So Anni, stop typing and get on with the knitting.


Angels & Sparkles said...

Good luck with the Knitcases competition Anni. Think positive thoughts - someone has to win, why not you?!!
All the best.

Melody said...

I know that feeling - you tidy your stash and suddenly you have twenty more projects that you want to start immediately!!

Good luck with your entries Anni!

Debs xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies. All I can do is wait now. Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anni, I'm thinking of using Silk Garden for cozy too, what do you think the problem with it is?
Glad to see you're OK by the way.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Carol. It looks good knitted in Silk Garden but I just kept making mistakes. I've given up on Silk Garden and I'm knitting the cozy in Lornas Lace sBullfrogs & butterflies and I'm making no mistakes at all. The pattern looks more defined in this yarn and it's easier to see if you're wrong. I love knitting with Silk Garden though but for some reason ti doesn't seem right for this wrap. You can try it though may just be me having a bad time. Let me know how you get on. Have you joined our Cozy Knitalong?

Take care, Anni

PS. I've been kicked off the AY forum. No idea why though.