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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hobbycraft Show in Exeter

We managed to get to the show in Exeter this afternoon. Got there about 2pm which seemed like a good time aslots of people were leaving. I enjoyed it but wish there was more knitting stuff as that's really the only craft I'm interested although I picked up some hints on the Felting stand and bought a felting kit. This is proper felting using fleece which I've never tried before. Only machine felted knitted stuff. Will be interesting to try fleece felting. Saw some lovel ybangles which I may try to make.

Was very tempted by some Alpaca but didn't think it feltas nice as the Artesano Alpaca and it was more expensive. The choice of colours was fantastic though. Artesano Alpaca dont do the choice but now that I've hand dyed some I can create any colour I like.
Was also tempted by cones of mohair and had it been 100% mohair I would have definitely bought it but it was only 75%. Was lots of novelty and acrylic yarn there but I'm a bit more fussy about yarn now and only go for expensive luxury yarn.LOL.

The girls loved the Knit n Knatter stand and a HUGE THANK YOU to the ladies there, especially to Sue who taught the girls to finger knit. I didn't know how to do this so I picked up some tips too and have now got some great ideas for scarves. And i can get my girls to do my i-cords in the future. They really enjoyed learning to finger knit. Excellent idea for a show like that.

Off to do some more knitting now. I've got my entry/ies for competition to finish as they've got to be sent off this week. Not decided what to enter yet.

Happy Knitting!

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