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Monday, April 03, 2017

Monday Mini Tip Tutorial - Short Rows in Lace Knitting

Today's Mini Tip Tutorial is all about how to work short rows while also knitting lace. I've used short rows in my new pattern, Amelie

Amelie is a beautiful, elegant shawl which is worked sideways. It alternates between stripes worked in garter stitch and an easy lace pattern. The shawl starts with a section where you increase one stitch every other row, then you work a section straight with no increases and then you decrease one stitch every other row for the final section. I've inserted four short row panels to help the shawl curve slightly. This is a very subtle curve.

I've focused this tutorial on Amelie but I will probably use this technique in other patterns in the future. If you are new to short rows or if you're worried about making a mistake, insert a lifeline before you work each short row section. I've got a tutorial on how to use lifelines here. 

If you look carefully at the photo above, you should be able to see four pink lace sections that are narrower at the top of the shawl than at the bottom. That's were I've worked the short rows. The first two sections are worked the same, there's just a bigger gap between each time you turn. The final two short row sections are worked the same but they are worked differently from the first two short row sections. I used German Short Rows for this pattern but you can substitute another short row method if you prefer.

If you're new to short rows, don't let that put you off knitting this shawl. Watch the tutorial below, read the pattern and just do what it says. Practice on a swatch if you want to and just go for it. I'm sure you can do it! Remember if it all goes wrong, it's only knitting. You can rip out and re-knit. But I'm hoping you won't have to. The pattern has been carefully written to explain the short rows as clearly as I can. You can choose between working from charts or written instructions.

You can also watch the video here.

Please ask any questions you have in the comments below. You can see all the previous Monday Mini Tips and other tutorials on my Tutorials page. 

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