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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Wednesday WIP - Getting ready to travel

We're off on holiday this week. We are going on our first cruise and sail from Venice on Saturday. We'll be visiting Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia, Santorini and Mykonos in Greece and Ancona in Italy. We finish in Venice after seven days and then have three nights in Venice. I've not been to Venice since I was a child so I'm really looking forward to it. We're going on the cruise with my parents and my sister and her family. None of us have been on a cruise before so we've got no idea of what to expect. We're all very excited though.

Before holidays I like to finish anything that's on my needles. I'm working on a lacy poncho and I'm on the second half now. I was hoping to finish it before we leave but I think that's unlikely to happen. I'm enjoying knitting this though. The yarn is Lang Merino 200 which will be in the YarnAddict Shop when I return from holiday in two weeks.

I've been trying to finish my current socks in progress before we go. I've got most of the leg left to do. It won't take me long to finish and at the moment, I'm thinking I may knit on it in the car on the way to the airport on Friday evening. We've got at least a six hour drive on Friday night so I can knit while Simon drives and that'll probably give me enough time to finish this. I'm definitely not taking it with me to Itally as I'll finish it too quickly. Below is me knitting at the hairdressers this morning while having my hair highlighted.

I've started thinking about holiday knits. I always take an easy shawl knitted in sock yarn with me. This holiday I've chosen Caterpillargreen (Shawl Stripes in Blue Light). This will be a shawl/shrug combination. The pattern is written up and I've cast on but I won't knit any more on this till we're on the cruise.

I always take a sock project with me. This time, I've decided to take enough yarn for two pairs. Both skeins have been in my stash since last year. The grey skein with splashes of bright colours has lost it's label and I've no idea who it's from. If you recognise it, please let me know. The other skein is Snailyarn which is an Italian indie dyer so I thought that was perfect for a holiday to Italy. I'm casting on the Snailyarn socks first. This will be my project for our flight to Venice on Saturday. I'll probably keep the socks for knitting on during the flight to and from Venice and while sightseeing on our cruise and in Venice after the cruise.

I'm planning to take another project too. I haven't quite decided what yet. Normally I take a lace weight project as it takes up less space but we've got more luggage allowance than normal on this trip so I may take a two skein sock yarn shawl. I've got some Kettle Yarn Co yarn I'm really keen to knit with.

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