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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Wednesday WIP - A Day Late

I seem to be running a day late this week. So Wednesday WIP becomes Thursday ..... 

I took three projects with me to Cumbria. In the car on the way up I mainly worked on a new design in Lang Merino 200 (this yarn will be in the shop later this week). This was an impulse design which I cast on the evening before we left. In the car, I realised I didn't like an element of the design, so crossed out and scribbled all over my chart to change it. I'm much happier now. 

I had decided I wanted to finish this before we leave for the cruise but as it's pure wool 4ply (fingering weight), it'll probably be too warm for a Mediterranean cruise in July so I decided to focus on finishing my 6 Karat top instead. This top will be similar to Lavinia. I've just started casting off.

On Thursday when we explored Cumbria and during quiet times at the show I worked on my second sparkly sock. I'd like to finish this before we leave for the cruise too so I can take a new pair to work on while we're away.

Next week I'll share what I've decided on for my holiday knitting. I've started lining up yarns for my holiday knitting short list.

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