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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday WIP - Secret Knitting

Since last week's WIP update, I've finished the pink sweater I was working on. That'll be posted to the magazine today and I'll reveal all in a few month's time. 

I've also done some work on my purple hap shawl. I'm enjoying this shawl but it's on hold right now while I'm working on another deadline project. Last Friday, we took a train trip to Newquay and had lunch on the beach where I got this photo:

Here's the start of my next secret deadline project. I'm really excited about this one as it's a construction I don't do that often. I'm leaving for a trip to Artesano in Berkshire this afternoon (where I'm teaching three classes this week), and this is coming on my trip with me. I've cast on for a sleeve too for when I need some easy knitting. The sleeve is worked in the round in stocking stitch.

I've also spent some time knitting swatches for new designs. This is one I'll be grading and writing the pattern for today. One of my wonderful sample knitters is knitting up the sample for me and I'm really excited about this design as it's a little bit different.

Are you still knitting now the weather is warming up? As a teenager in Norway I used to knit a lot but mainly in the autumn and winter evenings when it was too dark to go horse-riding (my main activity outside of school in those days). In the summer I rarely knitted as I stayed at the stables for longer and went out in the evenings to see my friends.

Now I'm rather obsessed with knitting, and it's my job, I knit all the time, regardless of the weather. I quite enjoy sitting outside in the sunshine now with my knitting and a cold drink.

What's on your needles this week?

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