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Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Mini Tip: Casting on lots of stitches

Today's Mini Tip really is a mini tip and for this week, there won't be a Periscope tutorial to go with it. I did however, explain this with a little video on Instagram recently.

I often hear knitters complaining about casting on hundreds of stitches and the main complaint is counting all those stitches as you cast on and  then re-count them to make sure you counted correctly.

So when casting on for over 100 stitches, I put a marker every 50 stitches. You can choose a multiple that suits you and put a marker every 10 stitches, 20 stitches or whatever suits you. The more stitches I cast on, the more frequently I place the markers. I also double check each stitch count before continuing.

That's today's very short Mini Tip. You can see the other Mini Tips on my Tutorials page (scroll down a bit).

This week is a crazy week with four workshops - Mar Menor & Daisy Shawls at Spin A Yarn tomorrow and then three workshops (Knitting Short Rows, Easy Lace Knitting and Continental Knitting with Norwegian Purl) at Artesano later in the week - there are still spaces on all those workshops - contact the shops to book. As a result I've got very little time to work in the office which means less time for blogging as I've also got several patterns to write up before I leave for Berkshire on Wednesday.

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