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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sunday afternoon in Wales

Early on Sunday morning Simon and I set off for Bristol to pick the girls up. Em had gone up by coach on Friday to visit Vanessa. We picked them both up and had lunch near the uni before we set off for Cardiff. When we arrived in Cardiff we hadn't really planned anything to do so Simon and Em went to a museum while Vanessa and I looked around some shops. Then we all headed for Cardiff Bay, which was a good decision.

 The weather was glorious. Sunny and mild and Mermaid Quay was full of families enjoying an unusual warm sunny Sunday afternoon. 

We strolled around and I saw this building in the distance that looked like a Norwegian church.

 When we got closer it turned out to be a Norwegian Church  Arts Centre and coffee shop. It had just closed so we didn't go inside. 

 I do like the building though.

 Next to the Norwegian church is the Dr Who Experience. They had closed but we went in to the lobby to check opening times and prices. Simon liked this car. I'm not into Dr Who so no idea why he likes it.  But i guess it's a Dr Who prop.

We walked back towards the Welsh Assembly building. Strollling around the bay was beautiful.

We saw the new BBC studios across the river.

On Monday, I left Simon and the girls in Cardiff, and drove to Cowbridge to teach at La Mercerie. La Mercerie is a lovely shop with a great selection of yarns. The ladies who came to the workshop were a great bunch of knitters. I knew a couple of them already. One lady is one of my regular customers at Wonderwool and she's a great lace knitter. I had a great day teaching but I forgot to take any photos in the shop although I'd brought my camera expecially to take photos.

Simon and Em went to the Dr Who Experience while Vanessa did some uni work and then they all went to the cinema while I was teaching. The drive home last night went well despite the weather which deteriorated quickly. This morning I woke up with a sore throat which I ignored. But after a bike ride in to town at lunchtime (it's sunny again today but it rained while I cycled in to town), I felt quite ill. I think I'm coming down with a big cold that Simon had over the weekend (and still suffers from) and Em had last week. It's bad timing as I've got 4 deadlines this week so lots of pattern writing. I'm planning a quiet week with lots of swatching for the book, pattern writing and trying to catch up on e-mails.  I will have to pace myself though, depending on how this cold develops.

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Jennieworld said...

I'm glad you liked my home city. The Norwegian Church used to be in a different place but it was moved when the Bay area was redeveloped. It was the church where Roald Dahl was christened. I hope you come back again! And also that the cold clears off soon.