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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Making Me Happy

Today I'm travelling to Wales. I'm teaching at La Mercerie near Cardiff tomorrow. This is my first visit to this shop and I'm very excited.

Teenagers don't always want to wear their Mum's handknits so when Em asked me to knit her some Selbu mittens I was pleased. Em does like her handknits like handspun hats & socks. 
I was even more pleased this week when I finally finished the mittens and Em couldn't wait to wear them. She even wore them to school!
Here's my second Selbu mitten (of the pair i'm knitting for myself) in progress (with the first mitten on the table) at this week's Selbu class. I've now finished the second mitten except both mittens need thumbs. That's a job I need to tackle this week. I'm hoping to do a photoshoot while Em is off school this week.
I've managed to fit in quite a bit of sewing this week. I got 2 more packs of pre-cut squares and I think I've only got one more 12 square block to make. Then I need to decide if I have enough to make a sofa quilt and whether I want to just sew the blocks together or use a neutral fabric between each block. 
I also picked up some fat quarters in some new prints they had in our local craft shop Painters. I want to use these for my Dresden table runner. I may make matching place mats too.
What's been making you happy this week? Tell me in the comments.

1 comment:

Mairead said...

Wow! If Em is wearing those mittens to school then she must be happy with them. I have been happy to see some sunshine this week, after so much rain...