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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Modern Dresden Quilting

Yesterday I thought I'd spread my quilt blocks out on the bed to see how big it is. I was thinking I might have enough for a single quilt. But once I'd spread it out, I'm not far off a double quilt (our bed is king size). Since taking this picture yesterday i finished 2 more blocks, so I've got 9 blocks in total. My plan is to find a neutral fabric to use between the blocks and around the edge. I thought I'd bring one block in to our local craft shop, which is where I bought the packs of squares, to see if they had a co-ordinating fabric I can use. 

I thought I might make a quilt for the sofa. The problem is that the dog may end up sleeping on it which I'm not keen on. I've promised the girls I'll make them a quilt each for their birthdays in April and Vanessa likes this. I was going to make a single quilt each for the girls but next year Vanessa's student accommodation will have a double bed so perhaps I should make hers a double quilt. I'm not sure. This quilt is far from perfect. I still need to work on getting my seam allowances accurate. I'm getting better but these blocks are not perfect. And as this is my first quilt perhaps I want to keep it myself. Because no matter how imperfect it is, it's going to be a very special quilt to me. Six months ago I was determined I couldn't sew and I didn't enjoy it. Now I'm hooked and my sewing is improving all the time. After a lifetime of thinking I was rubbish at sewing, this quilt will be a bit achievement for me!

A few weeks ago I saw a Dresden table runner and I'd love to make one. 

I got some pretty fat quarters and the Dresden template ruler and I got cutting. I'm using two prints and a solid. I do have another print in the same series with larger birds but felt it didn't fit in.

So do I go for option 1 with small birds on one side and circles on the other side. Separated by solid purple?

Or do I mix the two prints up like in option 2? Do I go for the purple inbetween like I've laid it out or so I match up the short ends of the purple? What do you think? Share your opinions in the comments.

This is going to be for our coffee table but I'm already thinking about making matching place mats for the dining room table.

If I'm feeling well enough, I'd love to start sewing these together tonight but I've come down with a horrible sore throat. Simon was ill over the weekend with a severe cold and I'm worried that's what I'm coming down with. Yesterday and today it's only been a very sore throat, lack of voice and feeling weak and unwell when I do anything.

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Nikki said...

I saw this on Pinterest! Option 2 as it mixes it up. Good luck with the quilt.