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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Making Me Happy

Its been a pretty bad week. I've been I'll since Tuesday with a sore throat a d severe cold. The cold is still going strong. But I am feeling a bit better. 

The arrival of a yarn parcel really cheered up this week. This yarn will be in the shop on Monday. One skein got immediately wound and cast on.

Being poorly, I decided I needed a treat so I ordered a couple of Interweave magazines, a layer cake and jelly roll from Hulu Crafts.

I especially love the Batiks squares. I am thinking I'd love a batiks quilt.

Between computer sessions and collapsing on the sofa feeling sorry for myself sessions, I've tried to fit in some sewing. My charm pack quilt has seen some progress. I've joined 3 blocks into strips with yellow sashing. Last night I started joining the strips with more yellow sashing. I've bought my backing material and batting. Getting exciting and slightly scary as I'm getting towards the end of this quilt which started out as a plan to make a quilted tote.

I've made some progress on my table runner. I love these Dresden shapes and would love to use them for a quilt.

I had 4 deadlines on Friday and although 4 of my wonderful knitters knitted the samples for me, I had to do finishing and finish pattern writing. With this week's illness, managing to get two of the patterns in on time was a big success!

So what's making you happy this week? Tell me in the comments and dont forget the yarn update on Monday!

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