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Monday, February 24, 2014

Introducing a new yarn.

Last Thursday I got very very excited. Since I gave up yarn dyeing at the end of last year (although there's still a bit in the sale), I've been hinting that I would still be selling yarns. I've wanted to stock this yarn for a long, long time and finally decided to take the plunge.

Lotus Yarns is a luxury yarn range of exotic fibres. I did use some of their un-dyed base yarns to dye my own yarns a few years ago and I've also used their Lotus brand yarns to knit a couple of garments for myself on the knitting machine. I knitted a cardigan and a waist coat in the Lotus Cashmere on the knitting machine one year before going to Norway for Christmas. Although I'd recommend handwashing this luxury yarn, I did wash both these garments in the machine on a wool wash and wore it, especially the cardigan, a lot and it still looked beautiful. So as I'm confident in the quality of these yarns, I decided to make them available to all of you.

I will mainly be stocking the lace and 4ply weight yarns. However, Lotus Yarns labelling is something I don't quite agree with. The Cashmere DK is actually a UK 4ply yarn and US fingering weight yarn. Their 'fingering' weight yarn is actually a lace weight (similar to a UK '2ply') yarn. I've tried to make this clear in the product descriptions.

At the moment I've only got a small selection of three of the yarns in a very limited range of colours but there will be more coming soon. I will be gradually stocking up on these yarns for the full launch at Wonderwool in April. These yarns will also be used for the Lace Lovers Club - the next club period will go on sale next week, by the way.

Another one of my Lotus favourites is the Silky Cashmere Fingering - again, I'd label this UK 2ply or lace weight yarn. This yarn is soft and silky wiht an incredibly sheen. It's the most excuisite yarn to knit with. I've got a design on the needles right now in the 'Orchid' colourway below.

I'm very excited about designing new shawls using this yarn and there will be new designs coming over the next few months using the Lotus yarns.

The Tibetan Cloud is a yarn that's new to me. It's 100% yak and is incribly soft. I'm swatching for a new design. The colours are amazing. Instead of completely solid colours they have 'specks' of colours. The yak is very soft and I can't wait to get more colours in this yarn.

I'm working on a collection of garments and accessories using the new Lotus yarns which I'm planning to launch at Yarndale in September (yes, we'll be at Yarndale again this year).

Lotus Yarns have several other blends which I'd like to stock so I'll gradually be adding these over the next few months. 

Tempted? Find all the Lotus yarns here.

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