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Saturday, January 04, 2014


Yesterday we were in the middle of a severe storm. There's been severe flooding in local seaside towns. We are safe though. We've had a lot of rain this Christmas but it wasn't all bad weather.

I was determined to do some cycling while we were off work so last week Simon and I headed for the Camel Trail which is a very popular cycling track in Cornwall. The trail runs along the River Camel from Bodmin via Wadebridge to the sea-side town of Padstow made very popular by TV chef Rick Stein. 
Padstow can just be seen in the distance.

We started at Bodmin & thought we would only go as far as Wadebridge which, according to my bike app is 8.5 miles each way but we felt good so carried on to Padstow, which was 11 miles from where we started from.
We had a pasty lunch overlooking the harbour then got back on our bikes for the 11 miles return journey.
I was okay till we got to Wadebridge but the last 8.5 miles were pure torture. My shoulders & upper back was starting to really hurt, my knees were hurting and despite my comfortable bike seat my backside was starting to hurt too.
The return journey only took 10 mins longer but felt like hours longer. I was in agony the next day but now I'm really glad we did it. It felt like a huge achievement as I am really unfit. All in all the cycling took about 3.5 hours. 

We are hoping to go out cycling today if the weather is dry, its too early to tell yet. Em wants to come and do the Camel Trail but this time I think we'll turn back at Wadebridge! I plan to do a lot more cycling this year!

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