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Monday, January 06, 2014

Love sewing!

So, you may have noticed that I have well and truly caught the sewing bug lately and that's why I asked for a couple of sewing books for Christmas. 

I got '101 Fabric by Fabric ways to sew a metre' from Vanessa. This book is divided into chapters by fabric type and each chapter includes an introduction on the type of fabric and how to work with it. The book have garments for ladies and children, accessories, home stuff, bags, cushions and fun stuff.
Here is a list of the projects that will be at the top of my sewing list. This apron has sewn in hot pads and I have the fabric ready to make this next.
There are several bags I want to make:

And there are some fun things, I love this tray.
Never thought of making an umbrella.
Simon wants a kite.
Simon got me '101 great ways to sew a metre'. Another great book with useful & fun projects for adults and kids.
I want this pin board for my office.
Another tray.
A post organiser, I think this will be useful for my office.
A peg apron to help me when hanging my washing out.
I've already tried making the apron below, it wasn't entirely successful....
This sewing kit organiser will be useful for taking stuff to sewing group at church.
I really need this organiser for my office. Planning to make this very soon!
This tray is so cute and I need it!
and of course there are bags: 

Althoug both books have 'metre' in the title, all measurements are imperial which I find a bit annoying. I think these books were originally published as sew a yard books but if they decided to make them metric friendly they could at least have converted the measurements in the book or included both imperial and metric!

At the moment I'm in the middle of making a plastic bag tidy and hot pad set for the kitchen. I started last night. Hoping to fit in some sewing this weekend because on Monday its back to work and I have a very busy 2014 ahead!


Nikki said...

I've been intrigued by both of these books and keep coming back to them - I'd be interested in your thoughts once you've made something from them. Have you had a look at Pinterest as there are some fantastic tutorials?

Piecepatcher said...

Great presents from the family! I love the bags in particular.

Liz said...

I was given the 101 ways to sew a metre and noticed the use of yards inside!

Anonymous said...

The books are great, despite the imperial measuments.