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Friday, November 30, 2012

Arctic Circle Cowl - Arctic Qiviut

Arctic Circle is a beautiful lacy cowl is knitted in an amazing soft, luxurious, heirloom yarn and is a real treat for your neck on cold winter days. It’s quick and easy to knit and adds a bit of colour, style and incredible softness and warmth to any winter coat without adding bulk 
This cowl is knitted in Arctic Qiviut Desire which is a very luxurious blend of qiviut, cashmere and baby alpaca. This is a real heirloom luxury yarn and it is expensive but you only need a tiny skein. The skein I bought was 29gr (but actually weighed 34 gr). This yarn is a real treat to knit with. It's super lightweight and incredibly warm & soft. I'm used to knitting with luxury yarns but this is the most luxurious yarn I've knitted with.
 Is there someone special on your Christmas gift knitting list? The Arctic Circle Cowl is quick and easy to knit. The lace pattern is charted and written out and it's only 4 rows and two of those are plain knit. The cowl is knitted in the round and starts and ends with an eyelet edging which is also repeated in the centre of the cowl where the stitch count reduces to create an A line shape which is wider at the bottom.
 This little accessory is perfect to wear inside your winter coat. It's much warmer than you'd imagine when you feel how light it is. Doesn't your neck deserve some luxury and warmth this winter? I know I can't wait to wear this when we go to Norway at Christmas. 
Fancy treating yourself to a skein of Arctic Qiviut? Spin A Yarn, one of my local yarn shops, now stock Arctic Qiviut and has a selection of the smaller skeins needed for this cowl. There are only a few skeins on the Spin A Yarn website at the time of writing this but I know they have more in stock so do contact them or if you live in the South West of England, pop in to see these amazing yarns for yourself. And before you have a heart attack when you look at the prices. Any of the qiviut blends are cheaper than the pure qiviut and you only need the small 29 gr skein.

You can also purchase the yarn directly from Arctic Qiviut. 


Tomorrow I'm off to Coventry. I'm teaching Easy Lace at The Yarn Cafe on Saturday. This isn't my first time in Coventry but it is my first time at The Yarn Cafe and I'm very excited about it. I know there was a couple of spaces left at the beginning of the week, so if you're in the area and want to join us, you may still be able to. Book here!

I'm travelling by train and normally I enjoy travelling by train. All that knitting time! But there's huge disruptions on the trains this week. Because of all the rain we had last weekend and earlier in the week there's been lots of flooding and land slides. So I'm leaving 2 hours earlier than planned and I'm expecting a lot of disruptions and bus replacements. Thin it's going to be a lot of bus and train hopping tomorrow.

I'll ofcourse take plenty of knitting with me and my Kindle Fire so hopefully I'll have enough to keep me entertained. I can't tell you what I'm knitting though as it's secret but I may take my Buffalo Wool Co shawlette too, just for a bit of variety. 

What are you knitting this weekend?

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