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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Beads & Lace Collection - Goonhilly

I've decided it's time to start revealing some more 'Beads & Lace Collection' designs.  This collection contains 7 designs all using beads. Some have beads all over and some are simpler designs with beads only on the edging, like this design named 'Goonhilly'. One of my sample knitters, Leni (aka The Fluffy Viking) suggested the name 'Goonhilly' which is the name of a satellite station in Cornwall and I immediately liked it.
This asymmetrical shawl is knitted sideways from one corner of the triangle and the increases made on every other row creates a diagonally slanting fabric which makes the most of the selfstriping yarn.
I used Schoppel-Wolle Lace Ball which is a self-striping yarn with long stretches of colour. I went for shades of blue but there are lots of other gorgeous colours. You can also use a more solid yarn or a variegated yarn.
The shawl is knitted in garter stitch with a very simple eyelet stitch pattern and a simple lacy edging at the end of the row. Colourful mircale/illusion beads are added to the lacy edging and the shawl is finished off using a beaded, picot cast off. You can see the two edgings below:
Vanessa modelled 'Goonhilly' for me and we did the photoshoot in my in-laws garden. Their garden is tiny but very well looked after and it was a pleasure to do these photos here. They don't actually know we shot some designs there as they were on holiday when we sneaked in to do the photoshoot.

You can pre-order the 'Beads & Lace Collection' now. As a thank you for pre-ordering the collection Balmoral will be instantly available as a pdf. As soon as the other patterns are ready you will receive updates and you'll also receive an update when the final e-book is ready. I'm also having the book printed but pre-orders for that won't be ready for a couple of weeks. I'm planning to pulish the e-book by the end of this month.


I'm off to London for a few days. I'll be teaching Continental Knitting with Norwegian Purl at Iknit tomorrow from 4.30 to 8.30pm. So if you're in London this is the perfect chance to take a workshop with me as I rarely teach in London. 

Then on Thursday and Friday I'm attending the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace and on Saturday I'm teaching at Wool & Willow in Oxfordshire. This class is sold out now.


Keep an eye on the blog while I'm away as I'm planning to post some more 'Beads & Lace Collection' previews throughout the week. You can pre-order the 'Beads & Lace Collection' now for £9. The full price when the collection is published will be £12. If you order all the patterns separately the price will be £21 so you're getting a big saving. Click here to pre-order.

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