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Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday Knitting & a BIG announcement

I think we'll do the BIG announcement first otherwise you'll all just scroll down and miss my pretty socks.

I've decided to re-vamp the clubs. The current clubs will be finishing & I'm not taking new sign ups. If you're a current member your membership will run until it's finished. You'll get a note in this month's parcel to explain all. The January parcels will be sent out tomoro. I was planning to get them out today but don't have the car & my back isn't good enough to walk into town today. Sorry.

The new club will be called the Lace Lovers Club & will be focused on lace. You will receive a mixture of lace and sock yarn though. One month will be sock yarn & one month will be lace & one month will be either sock or lace (that'll be a surprise for you & I'll decide later - I'm also considering allowing members to choose the last month's yarn weight).

The club will start in April and the first round will run for April, May & June. If you sign up before 15 February you can take advantage of the earlybird price which is £5 off the full price. During your membership you'll get 15% off any YarnAddict yarn or pattern order.

Each month you'll receive a pattern suitable for that month's yarn. The pattern may be a new pattern or one of my existing patterns & will be lace shawls, scarves or other lace accessories, although it's mainly likely to be shawl/shawlettes.

If you're thinking this sounds great but you've never done lace before or you're not that confident with lace patterns, don't worry. I've put together a 'Lace Basics' booklet which feature detailed how to instructions and photos for everything you'll need to knit my patterns. Every member will get the booklet during the first month. As long as you're a confident or adventurous novice you should be fine. 

If you're a lace expert then you can join too, the pattern will be fun for you too.

I'm looking into perhaps including some extras too but nothing's been decided yet.

We'll also run a KAL thread in my Ravelry group each month so if you're a Ravelry member (or if you're not why not join? it's free) you can knit along with other members, share your progress and finished photos and ask for help & support.

Fancy joining? Sign up now.

Sunday Knitting:
This week my Sunday knitting actually started on Friday evening. I'd decided I fancied knitting a sock or at least casting on for a sock. I'd swatched this stitch pattern for a sweater last year but it wasn't right. I couldn't get it out of my head though so I decided to try it on a sock. And guess what? it's perfect for socks. I'm using Madeline Tosh Tosh Sock which I got over a year ago on a trip to London with my Mum and a friend.
I cast on Friday night and knitted the toe (I'm doing toe up) and one pattern repeat. then on Saturday when I should have been working on my deadline projects the socks kept calling my name so I did a bit of knitting on them on and off. Probably more on than off actually. By Saturday evening I was getting close to the heel so I decided I ought get the heel turn done so I wouldn't have to worry about it when i was out and about on Sunday.
The yarn is quite a bit darker than the pic shows & is a bit of a pain to knit with in the evenings.

I didn't work exclusively on the sock on Sunday, I did a bit of knitting on my deadline sweater at church and in the evening. In the afternoon we attended Em's Chief Scout Gold Award presentation in Truro and I knitted through the long ceremony (much to Em's disgust - she sat too far away from us to complain though). And by the evening I was casting off. Wow, I was amazed I'd knitted a sock in 2 days. I've got big feet too so they're pretty long. I've done a sock in a day before but I haven't knitted socks for about a year, apart from finishing a plain sock in the autumn.

It seems my sock mojo has returned. I picked up my deadline sweater after the sock was done but I kept thinking about socks. So I picked up my Fantasy Cables socks which haven't been touched for a year. I only had half a foot left and finished that while watching 'Dancing on ice' last night. Two hours was all it took to finish it so why has it been in my knitting basket for over a year?! I'm wearing them now and they're lovely and soft and warm
The cable pattern I used for these socks is gorgeous. I love the way they twist. I'm wondering what it'll look like on a sweater? May need to look into that.
This morning I cast on for the second Tosh Sock and knit the toe. I'm not supposed to knit on it again till Sunday. I've got 2 deadline projects and I'm behind on one of them and need to finish it this week so if you see me tweeting about knitting socks tell me to stop it & get back to the deadline sweater.

What did you knit this weekend?

I mentioned Em's award ceremony. She got her Chief Gold Scout Award and here she is with her friend Kaja (Em is the one with the long hair):
 And here are all the scouts who received awards yesterday.


sally in norfolk said...

how can you possibly knit socks in a weekend.. have been doing mine for over 18 months :-(

Sue in Bristol said...

Sally - I totally agree with you, but am going to Anni's workshop in February (at Spin a Yarn), so may learn a thing or two, although we will be doing cuff down. Anni's is doing a toe up workshop, but that is in May when I will be in Greece!! Sue

YarnAddictAnni said...

Looking forward to seeing you again soon, Sue. and I'm jealous about your trip to Greece (although I'll be going to Spain in August when it'll be too hot to do anything apart from knitting socks on the beach - yes I do that. lol).

Dori said...

Such gorgeous socks Anni! I like the cables for that Fantasy Cables sock especially. I wish I could join your club, but I have so much yarn and no budget for more, so I'll have to pass this time.

Congratulations on your daughter for getting her Gold Award! I remember when I got mine. It was a lot of work, but in the end it was worth it and is a huge accomplishment. I bet you're very proud of her.

Ann said...

Lovely socks. I seem to lose my sock mojo as I only knitted 2 pairs in 2011. I am trying to knit more socks this year.