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Friday, January 27, 2012

Shawl Pins Are Back In Stock & A Photoshoot

The shawl pins from Nicholas & Felice are back in stock and several have sold since I put them on the site last night so if you want one, get it quick. I got twice as many as before Christmas but I bet they won't last long.
I got some new styles this time including Dragonfly in brass (below), copper and aluminium. The brass & copper ones are much smaller than the aluminium one. I'm keeping a copper one for myself.
Here's the brass dragonfly photographed on a new design today (the new design will be revealed next week):

Here's the aluminium Dragonfly.
 I'm keeping this copper Dragonfly for myself. 

This is another of my favourites but i think they've sold out already.
The Celtic Hearts & Swirls is one I already had in my collection. The aluminium pins are quite large (check the size on each listing) but they are incredibly light weight, have no rough edges and are very easy to use to pin your knitwear.
Don't wear shawls? They'd look perfect on a cardigan too instead of a button.
The Madonna Swirl is another new one and one I used on my photoshoot today. It's the smallest of the aluminium ones.
On Wednesday my bag of shawl samples was all packed up & ready for a photoshoot but it was raining all day.
So I re-arranged it for today. I had lots of samples, most are old designs or former magazine designs that I wanted to re-photograph. We managed to get 18 samples done in 2 hours. I came home with nearly 800 photos. I've looked through all of them and started editing some.

Blossom was the first pattern to be updated with new photos.
 My model is Sarah, who's modelled for me several times now. She's such a lovely girl but will be getting married & moving away in a few months but I'm planning to arrange one more photoshoot with her before her wedding.
 Our location was Mount Edgecumbe which is just across the River Tamar from Plymouth. It's a fantastic country park with big park areas, formal gardens, Orangery coffeeshop (which was closed today), hidden gardens, fountains, a folly. Lots of great back drops. Our only problems was that it was a bit too sunny today and there were some very tall trees which was blocking the low sun.
There were great views across to Plymouth and Drakes Island in Plymouth Sound (and another sneak peek of the new design):
 Look at that turtle, he was carrying as statue.
We had a lovely morning. But by midday it was starting to get busy & the wind was picking up a lot which makes photographing delicate lace shawls difficult. You'll see many more of the photos we took today over the coming weeks as I worked my way through them and add them to pattern. There'll be a few new or re-published patterns too (from previous magazine designs).

Have a lovely weekend x

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