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Monday, June 13, 2011

Daisy Shawlette is now live

The pattern for The Daisy Shawlette is finally ready. I listed it in my Ravelry Shop just before lunch today. And so far it's selling like hot cakes. If you've signed up to my newsletter you should have received a newsletter with a discount code. I'll be sending out another newsletter later in the week so there is still time to sign up. See the side bar.

There is a KAL starting in my Ravelry Group. Come and join us. If you're not yet a Ravelry member, why not join now? It's free.

Thank you to Tricia and Pixie for test knitting the pattern and helping me iron out some last minute problems.

At the moment there is only one size but I am working on a larger size. Once the larger size has been added to the pattern, those who've already purchased the pattern will receive an e-mail notifying them that they can download an updated version of the pattern. The larger version will take two skeins of sock yarn and will be knitted as the smaller version until the edging, so if you fancy a larger size you can start knitting now.

You will need 400m/440 yds of sock yarn for this shawlette and you will need every meter of yarn. So I recommend not casting off your swatch or breaking the yarn and unravelling the swatch to make sure you don't run out of yarn.

The pattern features this gorgeous Daisy Chain stitch which can be a little bit challenging at first but the pattern includes instructions and I will try to get Vanessa to film me doing a video tutorial as soon as she's finished her GCSE exams. She's got 2 exams left.

I don't normally show blocking pics. This one was taken in bad light so it's not great but I thought you might like to see what the shape is when blocking:
I've been knitting too. I started the last design for the Easy Lace E-book. I decided to use a gorgeous colour of Organic Merino that I'd put in my stash. I love the colour but this yarn doesn't have the drape I was looking for.
So last week I dyed some Supreme Sock. I chose a plymmy purple colour.

But yesterday i dyed some more Supreme Sock and I've got this gorgeous, very dark blue with a bit of black. It's perfect with the charcoal beads i'm using.
The light is rubbish today, it's dull and dark so the pics are rather rubbish and don't really show either colour properly. Here are the 2 yarns together:
I think I'm going to go for the blue for this shawlette but I may use the purple for the larger version of the Daisy Shawlette.

It's getting very close to Woolfest and i've got lots to do. Next job on my list is yarn dyeing.


Steph said...

Sooo pretty, no wonder it's selling like hot cakes!

Chris said...

Wow, you are so talented Anni, I would not have the patience to do those intricate designs, Congrats on all your books. I'm a stocking stitch knitter and a granny square crocheter