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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Three Days In A Row

I've blogged three days in a row. What's wrong with me? You'd think I didn't have anything else to do. I do have tons of pattern work to do and making sure I fit in time to blog is probably a way of putting off the pattern writing. Test knitters are still waiting for their patterns for The Easy Lace E-book. I had planned to have this ready for Woolfest but that won't happen. Partly because I'm quickly running out of time. And also because I'm doing an online course in E-book publishing and want to complete the course before I finish the e-book. As this is my first E-book I want to do it right.

ETA:  BTW, I haven't forgotten about asking for help to name the new designs. I received some great suggestions. I'm going through them and trying to decide. I'll announce the winners very soon.

Last week I ordered some buttons. I needed some small ones to go with my new cowls. I may have gone over the top but the choice at Textile Garden is fantastic.

Some of them didn't show up that well in the photo but I'm really struggling to decide.

And a different angle:
I've been seriously side-tracked this week by my Granny Square blanket. These are my latest 2 squares which I did tonight. I LOVE these colours and could easily do an entire blanket in just these colours:
I've been working on some new crochet design ideas tonight too but I won't share those as they will be submitted to magazines.

I had a hair cut and highlights today. The hairstyle is not much different from before but I do like it. It's slightly more layered. i'm also very pleased with my highlights. Some magazines have photos of their designers on the project pages. Let's Knit  always do and The Knitter have photos of 4 designers in each issue. I'm not very happy with my old headshots. I wish I'd had the photographer do a portrait photo of me when we had our family photos done last autumn but I didn't. So as my hair was looking nice this afternoon and I had done my make up I asked Vanessa to take some photos of me.
 And another one:
I'm not happy with either to be honest. but what I'm not happy with is my double chin and weight. Looking at photos of me make me realise how much weight i've gained. I'm the heaviest I've every been. I'm even heavier than when I was pregnant and I had huge babies (10.5 and 11 pounds). I used to be happy to be photographed but I do avoid it now. I really need to do something about it but it's not easy. It's difficult to be disciplined about food when you're home all day and doing regular exercise when it aggrevates my neck/back pain is not easy and before anyone suggests walking, that actually aggrevates my back pain more than any other exercise. I've bought a new Zumba DVD as it looks like fun but I'm too unfit for a full 1 hr class. I may start the DVD next week.

Here are two silly ones:
 The shrug I'm wearing is one of my recent machine knitted shrugs - more about that in another post.

After Vanessa had finished taken my pics she took some pics of the dog. At least she photographs well:
Tomorrow is yarn dyeing day. Easy Lace Club and Not Just Socks June yarn will be dyed first. Seems like I've just done the May yarns but then I was about 3 weeks late with that one. June's parcels will be a week late and will be posted next week. I'll try and get back on track for July.

By the way, you can sign up for the next round of the Easy Lace Club starting in July now. Perfect if you want to learn how to knit lace. 3 months of luxury sock yarn and easy projects to teach you basic lace knitting skills.


Joyuna said...

Love the hair! Your highlights and fringe are lovely.

I know what you mean about staying on-track foodwise when you're at home. I've put on some weight since moving to the UK... It's a combination of too many takeaways & puddings courtesy of the boyfriend, and the fact that my classes have ended so I'm working on my thesis at home all day. Unfortunately it's all too easy to grab the biscuit tin, and it seems too much of a bother to go for a walk! Just have to keep motivated I guess. I'm trying to keep fruit and salad within arm's reach, instead of biscuits and soda.

Jheral Tinzy said...

Hair looks nice! I like the fourth photo down the best... even though you didn't ask! :-)

Have you considered WeightWatchers? A lady from my Knit & Chat group was referred by her GP. Now, she cannot exercise at all due to joint disease and she needs crutches to help her walk but she went from a size 24 to a size 16 in a few months. And she loved the food plan.

marymaryquitecontrary said...

Your new hairstyle is very flattering. Thank you for the link to Textile Garden;I now have then in my favourites. I lost 2 stones about two years ago and have managed to keep it off. It was not difficult at all and I didn't do any extra exercise. I have no doubt it would have been quicker if I had but it is possible without. I didn't follow any fad diet or even count calories. I stayed away from high fat food ( no butter etc) ate lots of fruit and 0% fat yogurt. Only ever one potato lots of vegetables,chicken,fish and a little lean meat. I snacked on nuts or fruit. Another stone loss would not go amiss; thats for after we return from our three weeks on the Mar Menor( going on Saturday) Start slowly to cut down ,don't go hungry and gradually you will reach the weight you want to be and it won't be as difficult to stay there.

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone. I've tried WW and it worked and I lost 3 stone several years ago then stopped loosing although I had at least 2 more stone to go and I kept going every week. Last time I joined I didn't loose anythign at all. I'm wondering with the new Propoints I may try again but the local group is at a bad time for me.

Have fun at Mar Menor, Mary. I wish I was going. Girls may be going with my parents in August and I'm so desperate to go with them. My parents are stayign down there from august to November as they will be between houses in Norway. They're so lucky.

Sarah said...

You look lovely in the photos but it's more about feeling that yourself isn't it? Good luck with losing some weight and I love the granny squares!

Rowan said...

Hi Anni - I think you look great - it's what's on the inside that counts to those you love.
How was the ebook course? Would you recommend it and who was it with? Looking forward to your e lace book.

Ann said...

I think you look great & the last photo is the best. I put on weight easily & it's always a battle to keep the kilos away.

Sharon said...

Losing weight can be a struggle! I love Zumba - I was doing 3 classes a week (started in Feb) and have lost 1st 7lb since the start of Jan by following a low fat diet & the Zumba. I am absolutely gutted that I can't do my Zumba since I broke my leg 2 weeks ago and probably won't be able to go back for at least 10 weeks :-(