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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Easy Lace Names

First, a huge thank you to all those who've purchased the Daisy Shawlette. Wow, I'm just overwhelmed by how many patterns have sold so far and how many people have joined in our KAL on Ravelry. If you're not a Ravelry member you can join for free then come and join my group so you can join in the KAL. The idea of a KAL is to share the journey through a pattern. You can post about your progress, get help if you get stuck. Rather than wait for me to answer your question, chances are that someone who's ahead of you have jumped in and replied which makes my life much easier. You can ofcourse, also show off progress pics and finished photos. Let's face it, we all like having our work admired and our non-knitting friends and family may not realise how much work has gone into it. I love showing knitters my work because they appreciate how much work has gone into my creations.

I've been trying to decide on names for the Easy Lace Projects. At the moment I've postponed the publication of the e-book until July. I'm doing a 'e-book' online workshop and I'm learning a lot and I want to in-corporate what I learn into this project so that's the main reason for the postponement. Plus getting ready for woolfest is taking up most of my time right now and getting time to finish pattern, co-ordinating test knitters, editing patterns and doing the final layout for the book is just taking so much time and I need time to focus on it when I don't have a bit yarn dyeing workload. I want this e-book to be the best it can. It will contain projects that will develop your lace knitting skills as well as picture tutorials. Originally I'd only planned for it to be a pattern collection but I'm keen to include tutorials so that lace beginners can learn the skills they need. Experienced lace knitters who already know all those bits can skip along to the projects and probably find the patterns to be quick and easy knits - perfect for travel knitting for example.

I am thinking about publishing one pattern as a preview pattern in time for Woolfest next week. I need to decide soon which pattern that should be. Possibly the Supreme Shawlette.

Okay, back to names. I've not quite decided yet. Your suggestions have given me a lot of food for thought. There were some Celtic suggestions and since I live in a Celtic county I quite like that and i'm thinking that perhaps I'd like to give them all Celtic names, but I'm not a Celtic expert so that'll be difficult. I'm also wondering if I want to name them all after my favorite places in Cornwall but that make me feel like I've cheated all those who suggested names. You probably put a lot of thought into your name suggestions and I don't want to dis-regard them. There were fairytale suggestions which I like too. Decisions, decisions. I've now put all the name suggestions in a table so I can consider them more carefully. I will also check out some of the names on Ravelry to make sure there aren't any similar patterns with similar names.

I've created a short list and I will announce the winners and the names of the designs this weekend sometime or maybe tomorrow.

I've been dyeing a lot of yarn this week, to get ready for Woolfest next week. But I thought my lovely readers and customers may want to take their pick too so I've listed some of the sock yarns tonight. See it all here.

My favourite yarn at the moment is Supreme Sock. If I had to choose one yarn to knit with for the rest of my life, this would be it. It's a merino and silk blend. Soft, silky, shiny and takes colour beautifully. Some of the colours I've dyed this week are just gorgeous and I will be dyeing more tomorrow. Here are my faourites:
 I love the 'Dream Blue' colourway above and the 'Ultra Viola' colourway below. I was very tempted to put these skeins into my stash. I've got 2 skeins of each and they would both make gorgeous shrugs which I could knit on my knitting machine in less than 30 mins. I want to knit a cardigan, sweater or shrug in Supreme Sock and i'm dreaming of knitting one in time for Woolfest but I'm running out of time. I am dyeing more Supreme Sock tomorrow and I may dye one of these colours for a little treat for myself. I could easily knit a shrug before Woolfest next week.

 This is 'Sea Pet' and is very similar to the colourway I used for my Daisy Shawlette.
Have you joined our Daisy Shawlette knitalong on Ravelry yet? If not, come and join us here.

I've had requests for a larger size Daisy so I'm working on it. The larger size will be the same as the regular size to the edging and if you purchase the pattern now, once the larger version is available you will be notified and able to download it again.
I was knitting last night when we had a group of friend here and got right to the end of a daisy chain row and had the wrong number of stitches left. I was too tired to go back and double check my row and still haven't done it. Think I'll leave it till tomorrow.

I've also been doing some work on my Easy Lace sideways shawlette. I changed the yarn earlier in the week and started knitting then changed my mind about the edging and decided I wanted an edging on both sides, so cast on again. I'm very happy with my progress now. For both this shawlette and the large Daisy i'm using Supreme Sock.
I'm adding charcoal beads on both edgings.
I've done some work on my granny square too. I wanted to add some yellow so grabbed some leftover Cascade 220 yellow. I may regret it if I ever machine wash the blanket as Cascade 220 felts beautifully while Artesano Superwash Merino is superwash. They don't do a bright yellow though and I had an urge to add yellow. Going to add the edging and add them to my blanket now.

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Ann said...

Your e-book sounds great & can't wait to see it published.