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Monday, February 07, 2011

So Pretty

I intended to list these pretty, sparkly yarns over the weekend but I was too busy knitting.

Want a closer look at my favorites? These are Twinkletoes Sock, back in stock after selling out at Fibre Flurry in October. In fact, most of them sold in the morning while I was teaching, to my big surprise. I've got a shawlette in this which I'm not revealing yet as i have plans for it but I have worn it a few times and it's gorgeous. I always get compliments when I wear it. I've only got 2 kg of this yarn today but there will be more later in the week. Grab yours now!
Twinkletoes Gemstone:
Twinkletoes Silver:
I love this silver. Another one I love is 'Loving It', which I may not list at all, I may keep it all for myself. I want to keep it all for myself. Check here to see if I managed to list it or not. If you want it buy it quickly before I hide it in my stash drawer chest. 

This 'L'Amour' is another favorite:
I've also got 4 colourways of Royal Lace, which i will try and list later this evening if I get time. We need to go grocery shopping first. There is no more food in the house. I've listed the Royal Lace too.  More of this later in the week too:

Do you like the new way of twisting the yarns for photography? Just experimenting. I like these twists.

Tomorrow I've got a very busy but fantastic day planned. First, I'll be teaching the first half of 'Basic Socks' workshop at Spin A Yarn then I'll meet a friend for lunch and an afternoon of knitting. We may even pop up to Exeter. Then I'm heading back to Bovey Tracey for Spin A Yarn's Rowan fashion show which Martin Storey will be attending. Last year's Rowan fashion show and Debbie Bliss fashion show were both great. And the food is gorgeous too. It will be a very long day and I will be shattered by the time I get home. I think I will be doing very little apart from knitting on Wednesday. If you live in the South West and want to come along to the fashion show tomorrow, contact Spin A Yarn first for tickets.

I forgot to post 'Pattern Of The Week' this weekend. I didn't quite manage to finish the pattern so will get it ready for Friday/Saturday instead.


RuthyToothy said...

Hurrah for Twinkletoes!! I have a question - I'm rubbish at yarn substitutions etc, plus I'm a newbie at knitting lace - I bought the pattern for Elegance when it was Pattern of the Week, and wonder whether Twinkletoes would be a suitable yarn for this? Here's hoping, cos it's ludicrously pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hiya, yes you can use Twinkletoes for Elegance. Any pattern using sock yarn is suitable for Twinkletoes. Elegance would look gorgeous knitted up in Twinkletoes. Twinkling Elegance!

RuthyToothy said...

Only problem now is I'll have to choose a colour! I want them ALL!!!

Dori said...

There goes my willpower! One each of the Twinkletoes and Royal Lace ordered. I've been wanting the Royal Lace since you got it in, and the colours are sooo pretty.

Can't wait for your next pattern of the week!

Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies. Those sparkly, pretty skeins are so irresistible. I'd love to keep them all.

RuthyToothy said...

Well, on a purely selfish level, I for one am very grateful that you didn't! I'm already eagerly anticipating the postie knocking at my door!