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Wednesday, February 09, 2011


My first crochet garment is in the new Let's Knit.  This is my first ever crochet garment. Not just my first crochet garment design but my first EVER crochet garment. I have never, ever, ever crocheted a garment before. And I'm so relieved it looks good on the model. It's an unusual constructions. There are four pieces all worked from the sleeves in to the centre. This gives the simple treble eyelet stitch a vertical look which is very flattering.

 The thing I don't like about sideways designs which are knitted from one sleeve across to the other sleeve is that the cast on never looks the same as the cast off and the shaping for the neck looks different on each side. one side of the neck shaping you're increasing and the other you're decreasing. So I decided to work this in four pieces so that the neck shaping is the same on both fronts and the sleeves are the same. Okay, I'm fussy.

I am shattered today and I'm having a knitting day. I've got to finish a cardigan to go in the post tomorrow and I have cap shaping on one sleeve to go, the whole second sleeve (it's only 24 rows to cap shaping so not much) and I'm up to the armhole on the second front.  I'd like to finish all the knitting today and sew it up tomorrow morning and then take it to the post office when I go to knitting group tomorrow morning. If I fail to finish knitting tonight, I'll be staying home tomorrow to finish it and won't go to knitting group.

The other reason I'm having a knitting day is that I'm shattered. I'm so tired. Yesterday was a fun day but so busy. I taught the first half of a sock knitting shop at Spin A Yarn in the morning. When I finished I met a friend (who was 1.5 hour late!) and we rushed up to Exeter, had lunch, ran into a few shops and headed back to Bovey Tracey for 6pm so I could attend a Rowan Fashion Show organised by Spin A Yarn. We had great food and great company. Martin Storey who is one of Rowan's designers was there and it was great to meet him properly. I was in the lift with him at Iknit Weekender but we weren't introduced.  We were shown a selection of Rowan's designs including some in two new yarns which I can't remember the details of now. But they were called Panama and Savannah and were gorgeous.

I did take my camera and I was rubbish at taking photos. I did take a couple though The models were Spin A Yarn customers and this is the third fashion show they've done now and they're pros now. Although the models are very, very slim, it was great to see the designs on real people. We also get a chance to touch and look at the garments and after the show there was an opportunity to study each garment in detail and to try it on.
Ruth and Belinda from Knit Expo were there. They organise a variety of events and are great promoters of handknitting. I met Ruth for the first time although we've 'spoken' by e-mail. the next Knit Expo event is in November in Exeter and I'm hoping to be part of the event. I missed the last one as it clashed with out London trip and my Mum's visit.

The youngest model in a Rowan design:
Belinda examining a design:
It was a lovely evening and I'm already looking forward to the next event. I'd better get back to my knitting. I have a cardigan to finish, which is knitted in a Rowan yarn and will be in Let's Knit in a few months.

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Pixie said...

Wow that cardi is gorgeous, well done you :) and I love the colour.

Glad you had a good evening and hope you get your knitting done in time