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Friday, February 04, 2011

Change of plans

Today was meant to be a mainly admin/pattern writing/catching up on e-mails day. Then a big box of yarn arrived about 10am. There is lots of gorgeous yarn in this box including Twinkletoes Sock. I immediately started prepping the yarn for dyeing. Most of my yarn comes with two ties on each hank and I need 4 to stop it from tangling during dyeing. Tying those extra ties does take time. I'm also dyeing a small amount of Royal Lace. I will put the Twinkletoes and Royal Lace up on the website as soon as it's dry, sometime over the weekend. I may also dye some more tomorrow and will definitely dye some on Monday.

I thought I was going to list some Bamboozle Lace today. I have Bamboozle Sock which is a BFL/bamboo blend and I thought I'd ordered the lace weight equivalent but when I double checked my invoice it's actually BFL/silk. Not exactly the same blend as my old Silky BFL Lace but I'm calling this new one Silky BFL as I won't be getting the old base any more. I like this one much more. It's as soft and squishy and bouncy as Supreme Lace and Bambino Lace. The new Silky BFL Lace has 80% superwash Bluefaced Leicester and 20% silk, 800 m per 100gr skein.

A few skeins have gone in the shop this morning with more to come next week. See this week's update here

I finished my cable scarf and I've decided to call it 'Shelter' as it will be the new Shelterbox fundraising pattern. The pattern will be ready next week. I've taken some outside photos on my dress form but not had time to edit them yet so here's a few pics to keep you going in the mean time.

these two pics are folded up on the window sill and it looks like a cushion. In fact this pattern would make a lovely cushion or blanket and could easily be adapted.

Some blocking pics:

This scarf is a present for a friend and I'll be giving it to her on Tuesday. i hope she likes it. she likes purple and likes things to wrap around her and she loves cables. She also likes wearing handwarmers and I'm thinking about making a matching pair. I wouldn't use the Fyberspates Scrumptious DK I used for the scarf as I don't think it would stand up to the heavy wear a pair of handwarmers would get. I had a stray skein of Supreme Sock which failed quality control as it wasn't dyed properly. So on Wednesday I overdyed it and tried to get it as close to the Scrumptious colour I could. I'm not too far off:
Although the colours is a bit wrong in that pic. I just couldn't get it right.

The other question is do I have time to whip up a pair of handwarmers by Tuesday? I would if I didn't have a deadline next week but I'm in danger of falling behind on my deadline knitting. I need to finish both fronts this weekend and I'm only a few inches into the first front. Luckily it has short sleeves so they should be quick. I've also promised Simon a pair of gloves and feel guilty about not having started them.

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Sea said...

Sounds like you could do with growing another pair of arms when demand gets high. :)