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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Luscious Yarn!

There's been dyeing going on this week and the result is gorgeous. It's not all dry yet. I've got 1 kg of Bambino Lace which wasn't dry enough for photos today so they will come tomorrow. I do have a fabulous update tonight though. Lots of gorgeous, over dyed and semi-solid colours in Dreamy Lace, Angel Lace - which is back in stock after a long break - and a little bit of Fairytale Sock. I'm expecting a new yarn delivery tomorrow with some Twinkletoes Sock and Twinkletoes Gold and more Supreme Sock and more Dreamy Lace and Royal Lace. Find all the new yarn here.

These are the Dreamy Lace colourways.
And these two are my favorites, I want to keep one or two of these:

I haven't had Angel Lace in stock for a long, long time and I'd forgotten how gorgeous this yarn is. It's very ,very soft and squishy and bouncy with a beautiful, silk sheen. I've been looking at it all day, planning what I could knit with it. Angel Lace is a blend of merino and tencel and has 800 m which makes it suitable for Golitha Falls, Blossom, Sophia and Rosebud. Find all my patterns here.

Here are some of my favorite Angel Lace colourways from today's update:

And I've dyed up the last of the Fairytale Sock:

Yesterday the Sock Variety Club yarn and Easy Lace Club was dyed too and is now drying. The colourways are so nice. I do have one or two spares and there is still a couple of spaces left in the Sock Variety Club. I'll be posting the parcels on Saturday or Monday, depending on how long the yarn takes to dry.

Sign ups are now open for the April start of the Easy Lace Club. 

I've finished my Infinity Scarf but still not blocked it. I think I've decided to wet bock it now. I'm going to pin it out before I go to bed tonight. I'll pin it out dry and then spray it with water. I've decided that the Infinity Scarf will be the new Shelterbox pattern and I'm hoping to release it next week.

I'm tired and will be having an early night. Go and take a look at the tonights shop update. If you've signed up to my newsletter, check it for a discount code for pattern and yarn orders.

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Anonymous said...

The overdyed yarns look lovely, and it was impossible for me to resist two of them ;-)