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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Infinity Scarf finished

My bag obsession continues as this cute bag arrived from Piddleloop's Etsy Shop.

 I've just looked at their bags again and they're gorgeous. Do I need any more bags? No!!! This bag is a medium size bag. Its not quite as big as the sweater bags  but bigger than my small project bags. Perfect for lots of my projects. I can't wait to use it.

In the meantime, the scarf project which was taking up one of my sweater bags has just come off the needles. it's so dark and dull now I won't take any proper photos and it needs blocking. Not sure whether to try to steam block it or wet block it.

It's an infinity scarf for a friend and I'm seeing her next week so I'm pleased to have this finished.
I'd like to do some matching handwarmers but I don't think this yarn will be good for handwarmers as it's a singles yarn and very loosely spun, it won't wear well if worn on your hands. I've considered getting a skein of the Scrumptious 4ply in the same colour but today, I tried dyeing some Fairytale in a similar colourway. Not sure how well I've done yet. Will have to wait until it's dry to decide.

My main knitting now is on a secret project which is progressing well. I've finished the back and starting the front today.

Sock Variety Club yarn has been dyed today as has the Easy Lace club February yarn. both clubs will be sent out as soon as the yarn is dry which will be Saturday or Monday. I also dyed some Bamboozle Lace and Fairytale Sock to go in tomorrow/Friday's shop update. Lots of gorgeous over-dyed shades. I'd planned to take some preview photos of the yarns from Monday's dyeing session which are already dry but it's so dull it's impossible. I've had the light on most of the day, that's how dark and dull it is.

And good news, I've been allocated a stall at Woolfest in June.  I'm incredibly excited as I understand the competition for stands was fierce and some very well-known indie dyers who've been doing Woolfest for several years were turned down. Will be interesting to see who'll be there this year. I'm very much looking forward to our trip to Cumbria.

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