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Friday, December 10, 2010

Busy Week

It's been a very busy and at times, very difficult week. Last weekend I suffered from very, very severe back pain and headaches. It was much, much worse than it's been for a very long time. On Saturday I decided to take it easy to try to get the pain under control. So I did very little apart from relax and knit. On Sunday I woke up in just as much pain. So I decided to try to do a little bit more. We went to church and in the afternoon we popped into Plymouth to get Simon some new glasses and Emily a coat. My current deadline project is a little bit difficult to knit with a severe headache so I didn't touch it much and did some easy swatch knitting instead. which means i've been desperately trying to catch up with the deadline knitting all week.

This is what the coffee table looks like when I'm in swatching mood:

The result of the weekend's swatching:

On Monday I was still bad so I decided to ignore the pain and try to get on with normal life. I had planned to dye the sock club yarn but I was in too much pain to manage that. Tuesday I was still bad but I went to Totnes to meet a friend. We spent a few hours in a coffee shop and had lunch and knitted. I managed to do some shopping too. Got some boots for Norway and some beads. Remember my bead stash from last week?

On Wednesday my back/headache was a little bit better and I managed to get the sock club yarn dyed. In the evening the Modbury knitting group which normally meets at Hulu Crafts, had invited me to come to their Christmas meal at Turtley Mill. I went to their Christmas meal last year too and some of the ladies have been to my workshops throughout the year so it was lovely to see them all again. We had a lovely meal. I took some pics but they were not very good so I won't embarass anyone by sharing them. I did have to take a pic of my gorgeous dessert which was the Chocolate Lovers Desert Plate:

On Thursday I was back to severe headache again. I spent all morning sewing up and doing neckbands etc for a deadline design which had to be posted on Thursday. I was very pleased with the result.  At lunch time i picked up my friend, Claire, and headed to Cowslip Workshops for our knitting group's Christmas meal. Cowslip is a patch work shop and coffee shop set on a farm outside Launeston. The garden is beautiful:

And so is the coffee shop:

here's our group of knitters:

After our meal we were allowed to choose a fat quarter from this lovely selection:
After lunch we stopped at The Cornwall Yarn Shop where some of us might have bought some yarn.

I've just done a shop update. Place a yarn order before 17 December (last posting date before Christmas will be 18 December as we leave for Norway on the 19th) and get a 50% discount off any pattern order from my Ravelry shop. The discount code will be in the order confirmation e-mail. so you can go straight to the Ravelry shop and order and download your patterns. buy as many as you like at 50% discount. Here's some of the Organic Merino in the shop update:

These two Japanes stitch dictionaries joined my collection this week. I LOVE THEM!

Now it's time to watch Strictly Come Dancing and do some knitting. Have a lovely weekend.


Ann said...

Hope you are feeling better.

Joyce across the Pond said...

Oh I just drool over the shops and the coffee places you get to...mmmmm...I am sorry you are suffering so much. I really sympathise with you in this and I wonder if you are not ready for a complete break from all your is bound to have an effect on your general health...and the stress you must be under having all those deadlines must be awful. I know you are very young but please don't burn yourself out. Please think about your health more. We don't want you to suffer any more. I trust I am not offending you by saying this, anything I have said is from my heart and from see there was a time in my life when I was as busy as you and there came a time when I just had to have complete rest. I don't want you to be in that position. Feel free to bin this comment if you wish. Take care.