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Saturday, December 04, 2010

'Lily' in Inside Crochet

My new crochet designs is being published in Inside Crochet issue 13. My isssue arrived this morning so it must be due in the shops next week I think. I'm pretty sure I took photos of this design but I can't find it. But you can see a preview here. Click through to the content page. My shawl is the Lily Shawl on the left with 64 next to it (that refers to the page).

'Lily' is worked in Fantasy Sock but any sock yarn can be used.  I think Bambino Sock, Babmboozle sock and Fairytale Sock are particular suitable for this design. Each hexagon is worked separately which makes this a perfect portable project or something you can work on in-between other project. Here's a pic of my orginal swatch:

Bit thank you to Liz for crocheting the sample for me.

I woke up with a severe headache this morning and really bad back ache. My headache has eased but the back pain hasn't so I've had a quiet day with lots of knitting. I'm swatching for new designs this weekend and this morning I've been wroking on interpreting some of the stitch patterns in my new Japanese book. I had planned to dye the sock club yarn today but my back is not up to it. I'm hoping I may be able to do it tomorrow.

Back to my knitting. Have a nice weekend x

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Steph said...

Congratulations on being published in Inside Crochet magazine. 8D
Do you have a contact number or email address for them as I would like to buy the magazine but I can't find anyone who stocks it and their website doesn't work either! Thank you Steph