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Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Design and Shelterbox

In January this year I decided to put up a free pattern to raise money for Shelterbox. Knitters can download the pattern for free from my website and then decide how much to donate to Shelterbox. The donations page is here. My aim was to raise the money for one shelterbox which costs £490 and we're nearly there. At the time of writing the total is £472 and we're at 96% of the total. I'd love to make it to the total by the end of the year, so  if you've not donated yet, I'd really appreciate it if you would consider donating a little now. You can download the Friendship Shawl for free in return for your donation. A huge thank you to all those who've donated money throughout the year and to the British knitting magazines who mentioned my fundraising effort earlier in the year.

Shelterbox is a fantastic charity which started here in Cornwall by a Rotary member. The charity provides boxes containing a tent and essential items for a family of up to 10 people who have been made homeless by natural disasters such as earthquakes, flooding etc. This year Shelterbox have provided help in countries such as Haiti, Pakistan, Indonesia, Phillipines and Columbia. Shelterbox is also celebrating it's 10 year anniversary this year. 
The Friendship Shawl takes just 2 skeins of sock yarn or 200gr of 4ply/fingering weight yarn and is knitted in two halves. And it's perfect to wrap around your neck in the winter. I'll definitely be taking mine to Norway with me over Christmas.

I'm planning to continue this fundraising initiative for Shelterbox next year and i'm hoping to design a new fundraising pattern over Christmas and publish it in January.

The new issue of Let's Knit is out. This is the January issue (no 38) and I've got a pretty, girly design featured. 'Melwyn' has a pretty all over lace rib which gives the sweater a fitted shape without being clingy. The lace pattern is very easy and consists of only 4 rows and two of those are purl. Each lace column is separated by a column of reverse stocking stitch. The sweater has a scoop neck with a garter stitch edging and 3/4 length sleeves.

Here are some of the photos I took before I sent it off.

I'm working flat out on my deadline project. I need to finish it before I go to bed tomorrow night. And I've got quite a bit left. Tomorrow Vanessa and I are off on a coach trip to Clarks Village in Somerset. I can knit on the bus but this project includes beads which won't be easy on the bus but I have no choice. We signed up for this trip a couple of months ago and I think neither of use are that keen to go any more but I'm sure we'll have a good time when we get there. This is my last deadline before Christmas and once that's out of the way I've promised the girls I'll knit them each a pair of half-fingered gloves with mitten tops, and a pair of sock each. I've also got to finish Simon's machine knit sweater - one sleeve left to do and some sewing up. I knitted a waist coat for myself (on the machine ofcourse) the other day and I love it. I've done the arm bands and I'm about to do the front bands. That will have to wait until later in the week. I've been working on a cashmere cardigan for myself today (again, on the machine). I did the back and half the first front this morning and finished the first front and got half way on the second front this afternoon. I'd hoped to finish the second front before Strictly Come Dancing started. I can't knit on my secret project while watching the programme, so I'd planned to knit the front bands on the cardigan. I was kind of hoping I could finish it and wear it tomorrow. A bit too optimistic I think. I also want to knit a sweater for myself in Fantasy sock before we go to Norway. I've also got some machine knit accessories I want to knit for presents next week. So all in all, I've got a busy week ahead of me. No deadline knitting but plenty of other stuff to keep me busy.

On Tuesday I'm teaching a 'crochet motifs' workshop at Spin A Yarn. Learn how to start a shape by using the 'adjustable ring' method and crochet circles, squares and hexagon shapes. We'll also look at how these shapes can be used in designing. This is my first ever crochet class and I'm excited and a little bit nervous about it. Last week there was still one or two spaces left. Contact the shop if you wish to book.

I'd better do some more knitting before going to bed. Nite x


Ann said...

Love the lace sweater - it's really pretty.

Pixie said...

Well done you on the fund raising, a worthy cause too and local to you.

Melwyn is gorgeous all finished, it was fab yarn to work with too and loved that colour.. win win design from you :)

Have fun at Clarks village, last went there when the boys were a lot younger lol and wow at the amount of knitting your doing.. hope you get it all completed

So who do you want to win Strictly? .. we are team Kara.. but then again Pamela is very good too.