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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

New Shawl

Yay, I finished the Fairytale shawlette early this morning. I was so close last night and I was also really worried I might run out of yarn. I was knitting as fast as I could, thinking that if I knit fast I'll finish it before I run out of yarn. Yes, I know it doesn't quite work like that. In the end I decided i had too much to do and went to bed. And this morning I got up and finished it. I immediately put it in to soak and blocked it.

Leftover yarn:
 Shawl pre-blocking. Lazy kate is there to show roughly how bit it is:
 shawl during blocking with lazy kate in place. Look how much it's grown. I did stretch it a lot.
It's still damp. I'd hoped to get it photographed today but the weather is dull and grey and light poor so a photoshoot today is out of the question anyway. And i've got other work to be getting on with. It's just I'm so tired.

Last night before I went to bed, Vanessa started being sick. When we came home from Fibre Flurry and noone else was ill, I'd hoped that Emily hadn't managed to pass it on to anyone else or perhaps it was food poisoning. But it's definitely a bug and now I'm wondering who's next. I'm teaching on Friday so I hope it's not me.

Vanessa was being sick for several hours last night. Fortunately she's old enough to walk to the toilet and empty her own bucket but it still kept me awake as her bedroom is next to ours. and I felt guilty for not getting up to make a fuzz of her but I'm so desperate not to catch it. She's been quarantined her bedroom all day. I have been in to check on her once or twice though.

This morning I suffered a case of 'empty needles syndrome' which I always do when I finish something I've enjoyed knitting. It's not like I've got nothing else to knit and there is one project in particular which has to be started today. I'm a bit hooked on sock yarn shawlettes right now. I've got 4 skeins of Twinkletoes, 2 in a red colour and 2 in a green colour, which I just love and want to knit something with. I did a shawlette last winter which didn't quite work out right and i never published it.

I was thinking it would look good in one of the skeins of Twinkletoes and I got the yarn wound and beads ready too. I checked the pattern and altered the chart and then remembered I've run out of black ink to print it. I hurried to Argos to get some ink and it turns out I've got the wrong black cartridge, it's got the right number on it so I'm not sure why it doesn't fit. I need black ink to print the charts. Nowhere else in town sells ink now after our office supply store closed a few months ago. I've ordered some online. I can't start this new shawl without the charts. I picked up my new Carmen shawl at lunchtime to knit on that. I could do with finishing it. I will be good tonight and start my secret project.

here's the original version of the Twinkletoes shawlette I want to knit. This one was knit in Noro Silk Garden or Kureyon Sock:
Photo is taken in Looe. I'm keeping the edging and centre insertion the same, jsut making some shaping changes.


Ann said...

I like both the shawlettes - they are lovely. You are like a knitting machine churning out all these gorgeous patterns.

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