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Thursday, November 04, 2010


I've got a new shawlette but I'm not publishing the pattern yet.  I may save this one for my book proposal. I'll still share some photos though cause i'm desperate to show it off. It's been hanging on my dress form for 2 days waiting for some decent weather so I can get some decent photos but for 2 days it's been dull, dark and miserable. I took some photos yesterday but they're not good and some of them were very out of focus.

This is a one skein size and it's perfect scarf size for a large lady like me. I'm thinking of doing a bigger version too but not quite yet. Got some other stuff I need to do first.

I've cast on for my secret project and it's going well after a false start. I swatched again before I started and worked out my tension. Calculated my pattern and cast on. After a couple of inches I thought it looked a bit big and measures it and it was about 3 inches too wide. So re-calculated and cast on again and it looks much better now. I'm probably halfway up to the armhole. I should really be finished with either the front or the back by now. The deadline is next week and i'm worried about getting it done on time. I'm off to London on Thursday morning for 2 days and I'd really, really like to finish it before I go. I've got some other knitting I want to do on the trip.

Although I should be focusing 100% on my secret project, I did cast on for another little shawlette yesterday. I had a skein of Twinkletoes in Passion staring at me and once I'd wound it into a ball I had no chance. I had an idea but wasn't quite sure how to execute it. I had a couple of tries but it didn't work. I put it down for a few hours then tried again and LOVE IT! I'm not sharing photos yet as i'm thinking about keeping it for something. It's a shawlette but it's not lace but I love it. It's easy to knit but not boring. Perfect train knitting for going to London next Thursday.

I've had lots of parcels this week, most of it has been samples being returned but yesterday i had a very exciting parcel. It was the second installment from the Painted Tiger Fiber Club. I haven't spun last month's fibre yet. The idea of joining a club was to encourage me to get spinning again and last month was Polwarth which I've never spun and I'm keen to spin it but although I like the colours, they're not the colours I would choose.

This months colour is not what I would choose either but I do like it. It's black and red. I'm thinking it would look good navajo plied but my last attempt at navajo plying was a disaster so maybe not. I've got some merino/kid mohair on the wheel right now but once that's spun I may try this. It's Bluefaced leicester by the way. the thing with clubs is that sometimes you get colours you don't like or fibers you don't like but it does encourage you to go outside your comform zone and try somethign different.

I want to spin now but I need to print off my stuff for my sock workshop at The Cornwall Yarn Shop tomorrow. I think  I will do that quickly so I can do some spinning before I go to bed. The Cornwall Yarn Shop is a fabolous little shop. Rebecca has a good selection of yarn and lots of books and patterns and some other fun accessories. I bought some nice stuff last time I was there. Wonder what I'll bring home tomorrow.This is a bit of a sock month for me as next week and the week after it's sock knitting ( 2 half days) at Spin A Yarn and then it's sock knitting at Hulu Crafts. I've got some workshops booked at the Cornwall Yarn Shop in January too. An Easy Lace knitting workshop and beginners knitting. Find the details here.


pendie said...

Love your new shawlette; hurry up and publish the pattern!!

Jheral Tinzy said...

It's very pretty Anni. I like that you added the pointy border decoration to the neckline and left the bottom edge plain.