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Monday, November 01, 2010

Fibre Flurry

We had a great time at Fibre Flurry on Saturday. Friday was not so good. We were woken up just after midnight on Friday morning with Emily being sick. We got back to sleep about 2am. When we woke up in the morning Emily was still feeling ill and came downstairs just before Simon left for work and was sick again. After a lot of discussion we decided to leave her with Simon's parents as planned.  I felt strongly I had to go to Birmingham to teach but we did consider Simon staying home and not doing a stall. We left eventually but it was later than planned. Traffic was awful until we got past Bristol. We got to the venue about 6.15 pm and the set up was supposed to be finished by 7pm. Fortunately Mickayla let us stay until 7.30pm which was enough time for us.

The venue was fantastic. Apparently it was the winner on BBC1's Restoration programme. The workshops took place in the old grammer school which was set in the middle of the grave yard which was a bit weird. Beautiful rooms with exposed beams. I taught Easy Lace workshop and had 6 lovely ladies. Simon manned the stall in the morning and was extremely busy. It calmed down a lot in the afternoon.

I forgot my camera but took some photos with my phone. They're not good though. Lighting was not good in the room we were in.

The new Two Of A Kind' Sample hung up in front of the window:
 My other shawl samples:
 Sock yarn and patterns:
 Lace yarn and more patterns:
 View from our stall across to Ann Kingstone's stall and Hedgehog Equipment in the corner;
 Natural Dye Studio:

Look at all those exposed beams. The room we were in was the most attractive one I think.
Sara has done a beautiful photo blog post here.

Mickayla and her team did a great job and we thoroughly enjoyed the event and I think everyone else did too.

I didn't do much knitting while we were away. By the time we got to the hotel on Friday night after our evening meal i was too tired to knit much. In the afternoon at the show, when it went very quiet, I cast on for  pair of Lacy Diamonds Socks in the new Merino Plus Twist. I did have some ideas for a couple of new designs but didn't have time to work it out before I left and I've wanted another pair of Lacy Diamonds for a while now. I felted the original pair.
 I knitted a little tiny bit on the Fairytale shawl in the hotel room on Friday night. But I did knit a lot on it yesterday. I spent all morning at home relaxing and knitting yesterday. in fact, I ended up spending most of the day knitting. I'd planned to make the hem a little bit bigger but was about to run out of beads so moved into the garter stitch section. I had originally planned to just do garter stitch but decided to add some eyelet rows. The rows are getting shorter and progress is quick now so i'm racing along. I'm kind of addicted to this. I should put it down to do some deadline knitting but I don't want to. I must cast on for a secret project tonight though.
 A close up:
 I didn't buy any yarn at the show but I did buy a tensioned lazy kate from Hedgehog Equipment to go with my Little Gem. I've wanted a tensioned lazy kate for ages. It's my Christmas present from Simon but buying it on Saturday made sense as it saved us postage. I did some spinning yesterday and tried plying and it was so much better.
 I've got a new pattern coming later this week. I had some pre-orders for ths pattern at the show. Here's a preview:

It's knitted in the new Twinkletoes Sock yarn which nearly sold out at the show. I've got 4 skeins left and I'm keeping those for myself as i've got some ideas for christmas presents for those.

I'm in the middle of re-listing the left over yarns and I've got some brand new Fairytale Sock (BFL/silk/cashmere) and Silky Merino Lace. It'll all be on the website this evening.]

ETA: There is a great set of photos here. Including one of Simon hard at work.

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