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Friday, May 28, 2010

Blocking, knitting and yarn

It's been another busy week. The whole of May has been busy and has gone incredibly fast.

A big parcel of gorgeous Manos Silk Blend arrived a couple of days ago. The yarn is for 6 designs I'm doing for Artesano. I'm so excited about this commission as I love working with Silk Blend. the only sad thing is that I probably won't be knitting many of the samples which is sad as I just love knitting with this yarn and i was looking forward to knitting with it.

I've got 12 designs due before end of July and a couple of commissions due in august. I'll be designing for Let's Knit, Yarn Forward, Simply Knitting (my first design for them), Little Knitting Company as well as Artesano. It's very exciting but I'm kind of panicking a little. I've also got Woolfest in June and a lot of dyeing to do for that. Simon keeps saying he wants to do more dyeing and I tink he will get his wish.

I've been working a lot on a design which I thought was due today but last night realised it's not due for another 2 weeks. which is good as i would have been late. I'm aiming ot finish it next week. But last night I decided to allow myself some time off deadline knitting and did another repeat on my lace shawl. this is how much it's grown:

And here is a close up of the diamond lace pattern and the beads:

And the centre panel:

And this one shows how the centre panel fits in with the rest of the pattern:

I'm quite pleased with the width of this shawl, I was worried it might be too narrow but I tink it will be okay. The edges will be straight when I block it properly using my blockign wires.

Talking about blocking. I've started the huge job of blocking all my shawls ready for display at Woolfest. I'm also re-doing some of my pattern photos as I'm not happy with some of my old photos which were taken outside. So now I'm doing them outside. It was quite windy today so it was a bit of a struggle but I think I got some decent photos.

here's Regatta:

Midnight Stole:

And next on the blocking mat is Blossom:

I've also blocked a new magazine design which I'd love to show you as it's so pretty and so soft and gorgoeus but I can't share anything until the magazine comes out.

I've been swatching for a new design too. The swatch is done in Amazing Cashmere Lace but I want to knit up a little scarf using one skein of Angora Lace, hopefully in time for Woolfest. Not sure i can do that as i'd hoped to finish the beaded shawl in time for Woolfest too.

I slept right through last night which is a rare event these days but I'm still very, very tired  tonight. but I think that's mainly due to dyeing yarn today. I dyed some Pure silk lace, Silky Camel and Ocean Silk and a few skeins of Angora Lace. I love dyeing yarn but it's very exhausting. The next shop update will hopefully be on Monday.

have a lovely weekend x


Ann said...

Lovely shawls. Looks like you will be very busy for the next 2 months.

stephcuddles said...

Hi there
Stumbled across your blog and realised that I'm knitting one of your designs (Lilia). Am absolutely loving it. Keep up the good work :)