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Friday, June 04, 2010

Slow Down!

Time is going far too quickly for me these days and it has been for the last couple of months. May especially felt like it was only 2 weeks long. I've got 3 weeks to Woolfest and lots of yarn to dye, patterns to print and shawls to block. i'm re-blocking all my lace shawls etc to make sure they're in perfect shape for displaying at Woolfest. I'm intending to display as many of my lace designs as i can. I'm also bringing a lot of patterns with me. More on Woolfest preparations next week.

I haven't had as much time to knit this week as normal and most of my knitting has been swatching for new designs:

Some of these have now been e-mailed off to various editors. I love swatching. I used to hate it and I never swatched to check my tension etc but as a designer swatching is essential. You need to test the stitch pattern to make sure it works in the yarn you've chosen and to help you choose needle size. You also need to know your tension in order to grade the pattern.

I've had two new books this week. Both are Vogue Knitting Stitchenaries. I got the Crochet
and Lace books.

I can see more swatching coming on. I need to finish some other projects first though. I love the lace book but not sure about the crochet book.

I've dyed yarn yesterday and today. yesterday it was mainly the June Sock Variety Club yarn and today I dyed 2kd of Merino Plus, Supreme Lace, Pure Silk Lace, Ocean Silk 4ply, Silky Camel 4ply and Bambino Sock. Some is for a shop update on Monday and some will be reserved for Woolfest. The weater is gorgeous and is supposed to be dry tomorrow so hopefully that'll be long enough to dry the yarn ready for an update on Monday. I'll be dyeing more yarn on Monday. I need some serious dyeing days, and good weather to dry the yarn, in the next 2 weeks to get all the yarn ready for Woolfest.

I'll leave you with some gorgeous skeins on my washing line this afternoon:

And a few of this evenings new arrivals
Angora Lace:
Pure Silk Lace:
Silky Camel 4ply:

Ocean Silk 4ply:



pendie said...

That rainbow of yarn is to die for!!

Piecepatcher said...

Love the photos of the yarn on the line:)
Love the beginnings of the new shawl you're knitting.
All the best for getting ready for your busy month ahead.
I know what you mean about time going quickly. Glad you ahve hubby to help with the dyeing.