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Saturday, February 20, 2010

More positive

Just a quick update to last nights rather downbeat post. I was really fed up and stressed last night. Nothing seemed to be working right. One of my main problems was trying to work out how to turn a document into pdf on our repaired laptop and works and word not being compatible. I downloaded Open Office which is compatible with word but not with works. so that didn't help me a lot. In the end after a near tantrum. Simon took over and downloaded cutepdf again and converted my works document into pdf so I could e-mail off my submisson. We then went out for an Indian meal in Looe and had great food and a lovely time.

Our toilet problem seems to be fixed for now. We have an on going problem with the overflow from the cistern. some bright spark who built this house has put the over flow underneath the dining room floor rather than to come out outside the house. Even me with no building knowledge would know that this is rather stupid. So every time and it's happened 3 times now, the toilet overflow system in the cistern fails we end up with a wet dining room carpet. At least it's fixed until next time.

It's snowing this morning. The last thing I want with my Mum visiting. We'd planned to visit Totnes this morning which is a lovely town with lots of fab shops. We've only been there once before and my Mum has never been. We'll wait till late morning I think tosee if this snow melts. It's not a lot of snow but we do live ona hill and I don't want to risk any problems or get stuck somewhere.

Congrats GB on the gold in skeleton last night. I couldn't believe the news this morning. An individual gold to a British person in the winter Olympics. I could go on and on about the appaling coverageof the Olympics in this country. Being Norwegian I love the Winter Olympics and Norway normally do rather well, we're 2nd in the medals table last night after the US with 5 gold and 5 other medals, which is rather good for such a small country. But I've not been able to see a single one of those gold medals being won on the BBC. BBC now has 4 regular channels which showa variety of rubbish programmes. Why can they not during the short time of the winter olympics dedicate for example BBC 3 to Olympic coverage. We are supposed to have coverage on the red button, well if you have satelite or cable you may get some coverage on the red button but not on freeview. Next Olympics I'm going home to Norway so I can watch all the coverage on Norwegian TV. And the little coverage there is here are mainly downhill skiing, snowboarding, skating and sliding events. What about cross country? Which is actually quite entertaining and exciting normally. BBC have had almost daily highlights programmes but a few days ago I switched on hoping to see the daily highlights programme and there was no coverage at all. Okay, enough winging.

Next week I'll try to show some knitting content on this blog. I should hopefully be able to do some work onsome non-secret projects next week which I'll ofcourse share with you all. I'm expecting a parcel of undyed yarn any day soon. I had a delivery yesterday while we were out and hopefully they'll redeliver on Monday. We'll have some new Amazing Cashmere Lace (finally!) and BFL sock and lace. I haven't dyed yarn for weeks so I'm looking forward to a dyeing session this week. Sock Variety Club is due out end of next week too although it'll probably be week Monday before it's posted. So join now.

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Joyce across the Pond said...

You took the words right out of my mouth....I am so annoyed with the BBC....we don't have HD or anything only BBC 1, 2, ITV Channel 4 and the Irish tv programmes so we have SO LITTLE coverage on BBC2 it is so ridiculous! We had no highlights either Thursday or Friday. I am not athletic at all but I do so love the Winter Games but this year the BBC have let us down. There should be highlights every morning and in the afternoon we should be beginning to see the start of the day's programme from Vancouver. Can I come with you to Norway in 4 years time....but possibly we will have had to change tv and hopefully this will incorporate the means to access wherever the action ain't in our living room, sadly.