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Monday, February 22, 2010

Lots of knitting

We had quite a nice weekend which kicked off with a lovely Indian meal on Friday night. Saturday we woke up to snow, not much fortunately. Don't think my Mum was that keen on the snow. And fortunately it went pretty quickly. as far as I'm concerned we've had enough snow this winter.

After a lot of rather intense secret knitting lately, I decided to take some time off this weekend. Saturday night I pulled out this sock.It was the sock I started a few weeks ago with the 'faulty' Fantasy sock yarn. Once I dyed this yarn it looked like it was 3 different singles spun together. I quite liked the result so kept the 3 faulty skeins for myself. But once I started knitting with it I wasn't sure. It didn't feel like the Fantasy sock at all so I decided to abandon the sock and re-start it and I managed to get nearly the whole cuff done yesterday. I did a little bit more this morning at the dentist so the cuff is now finished. And the sock will probably be going into hibernation for a bit as I need to get 0n with some other stuff.I also picked up my secret Kureyon shawl. I made some good progress on it this weekend and I'm passed the slow bit and on the decreasing bit. I always knit shawls which start with just a few stitches then increase. So this time it's nice to start with a couple of hundred stitches and decrease. I'm looking forward to shorter rows. I'm keeping this secret for now. I did have a submission deadline in mind but it's next week so I won't get it done on time.

I also managed to get some spinning last night. My wheel has not been touched for rather some time and I'm still working on some natural grey merino I started before christmas. I bought 100gr bag first and loved it so much I decided I really wanted 200gr but it was only a few weeks ago that I managed to get another 100gr bag. So my slow spinning has paid off. Anyway, I've finished the first bobbin now and started the 2nd. I'm aiming to have this done before Easter as I'm thinking I may knit another Friendship Shawl with it and that would make a nice, easy project to take away for our Easter holiday.

My Mum tried on the 'Lilia' sweater from Yarn Forward and it fitted her. She wore it on our trip to Totnes on Saturday. But she didn't have scarf to wear with it so borrowed my Friendship shawl which she likes rather a lot. She told me the colours is perfect for her so I've got a feeling the Friendship shawl may be moving to Norway at the end of this week. If you fancy knitting the Friendship Shawl the pattern is free in return for a donation to Shelterbox. all the details are here.

We did a quick photoshoot of my Mum wearing 'Lilia' and the Friendship shawl on Saturday but it was very sunny and we were in a rush and on most ofthe photos you can see my shade.
I've got a pattern to finish sorting out so I'd better get back to work.


Cybèle said...

Your mum looks great in that sweater and shawl.
Hope you're feeling a bit better and you're enjoying having your mum there.

Knitting Out Loud said...

Happy Spinning!

Village Books said...

I love both the sweater AND the shawl. And your yarn is going to be gorgeous.