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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas is comine

and I'm feeling a little more in control and ready now than I was last week. We spent yesterday having a mega tidyeing up session. Simon brought the Christmas tree in although we've not decorated it yet and this morning we did our Christmas food shopping. I think I've got all the presents done now too. Got to wrap them though. The presents I sent to Norway have arrived safely although I sent them a little late.

I've done a small update today. I dyed the sock club yarn for January over the weekend and included a kilo of Silky Merino Lace. I'd planned to do some more but was too busy to fit it in. So a small update of some gorgeous lace yarns today. Look at the stunning colours. You can find them all here.
YarnAddict is open all over Christmas and i'll be posting yarns right up to Christmas Eve. I may do a small update some time next week.

I've still got Christmas knitting to finish. i'm knitting something for a friend and I'd hoped to have it finished by today as we're seeing her this afternoon. But I'm not done so it'll be a post-Christmas present instead. HOpefully she won't mind. I'm also thinking about knititng up some scarves on the knitting machine. I came up with a really nice tuck stitch pattern over teh weekend suitable for a man's scarf. All I need is time.

Emily had a friend around on Friday. They are both big Sylvanian Families fans and transformed the upstairs hallway into a Sylvanian Familes wonderland. This is what they built on the window sill halfway up the stairs. I's the moon apparently.
and my fleece (grey and white merino) from my spinning basket features as moon dust apparently. Cute isn't it? I just made sure they didn't take too much fibre.
this evening we're off to Totnes for their Christmas market. We're meeting a friend for a meal, some knitting and a bit of late night shopping.
Enjoy your Christmas preparations. And in all the madness and business of getting ready for the big day don't forget what Christmas is really about and take time to relax with some knitting. Christmas should be enjoyable and the preparations shoudn't be so stressful it ruins all the fun.


psalm127 said...

How fun! Love what the girls did. I also love the colors of those lace yarns, I know I need to renew my lace club membership but haven't done it yet, maybe I will run over there now and do just that.

psalm127 said...

Oh and have a very Merry Christmas my friend! :)