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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Club yarns revealed

I don't very often remember to show the sock club yarns on here. I don't want to show the yarns when I send them out in case members read the blog but then I forget. So today I htought we'd have a parade of club yarns. First up, December's Sock Varety Club yarn which is the brand new Exotic Sock in a gorgeous 'steel' colourway. I love this grey, it's a little bit darker than the silver colourway I've done recently. The colourway suited this yarn beautifully. I'd hoped there would be a skein left for me but unfortunately there isn't.
November's Sock Variety Club yarn was Merino Plus (I think, or was it Super Merino - the two yarns are so similar). The colourway is a gorgeous lilac and violet. I've kept a couple of skeins of this colourway for myself. For some reason I ended up dyeing far too much. I must have mis-counted. I don't normally put club yarns in the shop but as I had several left over I did put some of these in the shop and called them 'Dazzle'. YOu can find them here.
The last Lace Varity Club went out in November and was a gorgeous blue Silky Merino which was perfect for the SnowQueen pattern that accompanied it. I love this colourway.
September's Lace Variety Club was Angel Lace in a gorgeous green/teal blend. I love this colourway and managed to keep a skein for myself.
If you fancy joining one of the clubs you can do so here. There are 3 and 1 month options, international and UK. You can also join both clubs. I'm dyeing January's sock club yarn tomorrow but won't be sending it out until the end of December. I'm using a base yarn I've not used for a while.
The next Lace Variety Club parcel will be going out middle of January.
Today was the last day of my crochet class. We learnt how to do broomstick crochet which I enjoyed more than I thought I would. It was too dark to take photos when I got home. After that we were supposed to spend the rest of teh sessions working on a chosen project. As Vanessa finished school at lunch time and needed a dress for a party tonight. I left the crochet class at lunch time and picked Vanessa up. Shopping was much better than I thought it would be. Not very busy at all.
I've really enjoyed the crochet classes, much more than I thought I would. I decided to learn to crochet so that I could use it in conjunction with knitting if needed. But I've got quite hooked on it and I'd like to get into crochet design in the future. I need to build up some experience first though. Although I've already got some ideas for future designs.
I'm currently working on my last magazine commission before Christmas. I'm hoping to have it fnished by Monday. It's fairly easy and quick to do. I also want to knit up a present for a friend this weekend. It's my only knitted Christmas gift this year but I know she'll appreciate it. I've been struggling to decide what yarn to use and have settled on a gorgeous purple Fantasy skein. I'll get pics next time. I'm thinking about doing a cowl and hand warmers. I 'd thought about doing a new design but I'm going to re-do the Scrolls cowl which I originally did in a laceweight yarn. I did knit some handwarmers in that pattern last winter but I never finished the pattern so I thought this would be an opportunity to finish that. I did think about doing cables and include a beret but I think I'm going to run out of time to do that. I need to get it finished by Monday or Tuesday.
After crochet and shopping today I'm tired. I'm planning a lazy evening knitting and probably an early night.

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Shani said...

I (and the recipient Yarn Monster) have been thrilled with the skeins since we joined the sock club in September. Only one has ended up as a pair of socks, the rest are being woven up - and the fabric is amazing, along with the colours.

Thank you so much for hours of pleasure and fun with this.

Shani and Toby